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Get rid of Lipomas effectively with these natural home remedies

The overgrowth of fat cells under the skin which causes the formation of a tender lump is known as a lipoma. With the present lifestyle...

The overgrowth of fat cells under the skin which causes the formation of a tender lump is known as a lipoma. With the present lifestyle where the consumption of unhealthy forms of nutrition is widespread, the occurrence of a lipoma is a standard feature. About one person in 100 suffers from a lipoma while about the 20% of the affected may have more than one case of lipoma. If this condition seems extremely familiar to you, you should continue to learn more about the different ways to reduce lipoma. Typically, lipoma removal processed are used, but there are some natural ways to get rid of all forms of lipoma.

What are the typical characteristics of a lipoma?
A lipoma is usually caused in those areas of the body which are abundant in fat cells. They are quite tiny and are usually rounded, soft to touch and can be moved around. The commonly affected areas are the trunk, the neck and the extremities of the limbs. A liposarcoma is an unusual form of cancer that is caused by a lipoma.

Types of Lipomas
There are many varieties of shoulder pain where different parts of the shoulder are affected:

● Hibernoma is caused by brown fat.
● Conventional Lipoma is caused by white fat.
● Angiolipoma is caused by both blood vessels and fat cells.
● Fibrolipoma is caused by fibrous tissue and fat.
● Atypical Lipoma is caused by deeper fat and affects a more significant number of cells.
● Spindle cell lipoma is caused by rod-like fat cells.
● Pleomorphic Lipoma is caused by fat cells of all shapes and sizes.
● Myelolipoma is caused by blood-cell producing tissues and fat cells.

Symptoms accompanying Lipoma
The following signs usually accompany any form of Lipoma:

● Slight finger pressure can move the lipoma
● Located under the skin
● Doughy and soft to the touch
● Small size, about 5 centimeters in diameter
● The affected area becomes painful and causes more pain of the lipoma grows

Ways to Reduce Lipoma Naturally
Lipomas of all forms are conventionally treated by a doctor, and the treatment involves the removal of the lipoma by surgery. However, some natural remedies can be used to reduce lipoma:

Consumption of more Omega-3 rich foods: Omega-3 fatty acids are healthy for the human body. Try to incorporate rich sources of omega-3 fatty into your diet and get rid of all forms of unhealthy fats. These healthy fatty acids also have health-boosting nutrients and anti-inflammatory effects. Omega-3 rich foods suppress the production of inflammatory cytokines, reactive oxygen species, eicosanoids and expression of adhesion molecules. Some familiar sources of omega-3 fatty acids are hemp seeds, chia seeds, sardines, wild-caught salmon and walnuts along with flaxseeds. Oily fish such as salmon and fish oil are conventional sources of omega-3 fatty acids.

Reduce Obesity: 
Obesity and the development of lipoma have been found to be closely connected. Middle-aged people are prone to lipomas due to the natural onset of obesity. Childhood obesity must also be avoided to prevent any lipoma conditions in the future. Follow some of the given steps to reduce obesity:

● Reduce your sugar intake and try to replace artificial sweeteners and other agents with healthier natural sources of sugar.
● Incorporate more whole foods in your diet which are rich in fiber content and provide lean and fat-free protein.
● Exercise is the best way to battle obesity. The World Health Organization recommends about 75 minutes of vigorous exercise.
● Habits that make you lazy and cause you to laze around must also be given up for the sake of your health. Some of the everyday habits include watching TV, sleeping excessively, etc.

Avoid unhealthy fats: 

The accumulation of fatty cells and tissues cause the formation of the various types of lipoma. Removing all forms of unhealthy fats, especially Trans fats causes the prevention of lipoma conditions. The consumption of unhealthy fatty acids usually goes unnoticed, and this causes a lot of problems later on. Processed foods are the most common sources of these unhealthy fats. Artificial trans-fat are produced by the hydrogenation of liquid vegetable oils such as Vanaspati. The hydrogenation process alters the cooking oils genetically and makes them unhealthy. These hydrogenated oils usually become rancid and cause several serious problems. Insulin sensitivity and abdominal obesity is the most common ailment caused by the continuous consumption of unhealthy oils. Such situations occur even if the affected person does not consume empty calories or excessive calories.

These natural remedies are highly effective in helping you get effectively rid of this ailment and reduce the discomfort caused by the symptoms significantly. However, if you feel that the situation has not turned for the better even after application of all remedies, it is better to consult a medical practitioner.

Sometimes the lipoma may grow with every passing day. In such cases, it is better to consult a doctor immediately instead of continuing with a particular natural remedy.

Apple Cider Vinegar:
Apple Cider Vinegar is one of the most abundant sources of acetic acid. Acetic acid has been found to prevent fat deposition in the body. This, in turn, prevents the formation of lipoma under the skin surface. Apple cider vinegar was used to test on obese mice and rats, and it was found that the metabolism was enhanced, and fat deposition did not occur at all. Raw honey and ginger are the common condiments with which apple cider vinegar is consumed. People have consumed apple cider vinegar for cancerous benign tumours such as lipoma and have spoken about its efficacy to control the growth of the tumour.

Author Bio
Dr.Sohil Guntagani is a proficient writer who firmly believes in the age-old remedies and holistic medicine as a primary cure for several diseases. After graduating from Rajeev Gandhi University Of Health Sciences, He embarked on a journey to find the truth about holistic and natural remedies. During his travel and research, he found the purpose to enlighten and empower others with this knowledge and help them led a much healthier and stress-free life.