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Best Biking Pre-Workout Exercises

  Before you take your bike out for a long, rejuvenating ride in the fresh air, make sure you stretch out your muscles and prepare your bo...


Before you take your bike out for a long, rejuvenating ride in the fresh air, make sure you stretch out your muscles and prepare your body by going through some key pre-workout exercises. Whether you’ve just recently picked up some women bikes for sale or whether you’ve been a biking enthusiast for some time, preparing for your biking session before heading out can help you stay comfortable, avoid muscle pain and ride more smoothly. Luckily, putting together a personalized pre-workout routine may be simpler than you think. Take a look at some of the best biking pre-workout exercises to try and what you can do to effectively prepare for your bike ride.

Preparing for Your Bike Ride

Getting ready for a successful session riding your electric bicycles involves preparing yourself physically as well as double-checking your bike to make sure it’s up to snuff on safety standards. You may want to take a moment before each bike ride to mentally prepare for a safe and secure experience. You can choose to meditate or simply to take deep breaths for a full minute and run through your planned route in your head. Prior to each bike ride, remember to:

Enhance your endurance by doing both strength training and cardio exercise regularly

Keep yourself in all-around good health by eating well, sleeping at least eight hours per night and always staying hydrated

Take strategic breaks between bike exercise sessions to allow your body adequate time to recover

Make sure your bike is clean, well-maintained, in good shape and up to speed on all safety precautions before heading out for a ride

Exercises To Have a Successful Bike Ride

Before you can glean all the health benefits of biking, you’ll need to physically prepare. Without adequate pre-workout exercises, you might risk muscle strain and other athletic injuries. Fortunately, having a successful bike ride could be as simple as getting into the habit of doing some simple stretches and exercises before hopping on your bike and riding away. To get started, you may want to:

Hold static stretches for 10 to 30 seconds

Try repetitive dynamic stretches for a total of 10 to 12 repetitions

Use a tool such as a yoga brick to engage in passive stretching

Focus on contracting one muscle while stretching the opposing muscle to practice active stretching

Do some lunges and try a hip flexor stretch to help relieve hip tightness and improve mobility

Try bodyweight squats or barbell squats to help strengthen your legs and glutes

Do some jumping jacks to get your blood pumping

Although biking can provide great exercise, it’s important to prepare for this workout with certain specialized stretches and routines. If you’re still searching for the right exercises to add to your pre-biking ritual, this handy list could help you assemble the right routine for your needs. Whether you’d prefer to focus on bodyweight exercises, passive stretching or old-fashioned jumping jacks, any of these pre-workout exercises could help you gear up for a safe, enjoyable and physically rewarding bike session.