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How to Handle Fraudulant Situations

    By Junaid Tahir Ethical values are the treasure of each individual regardless of the financial status. However these values are put...

By Junaid Tahir

Ethical values are the treasure of each individual regardless of the financial status. However these values are put on stake when you are pushed by someone for specific immoral goals achievements. In this article, I shall cover the aspects which are to be considered when trapped in such circumstances. The article covers both professional and personal aspects.

First of all you need to ask yourself following questions in order to have thorough analysis of the situation:

1- Who is getting benefit out of it? Consider direct and indirect people involved.

2- Why you (and only you) are being asked/pushed to compromise?
3- What are the short term and long term personal consequences if you compromise?
4- What are the risks/impacts on the project/task if you compromise?
5- What will happen if you don't compromise? 
6- Can you consult some other person for advice?
7- Can you share the risks with other by involving other personnel/department on this task?
8- What does the company policy say? Are your actions in-line with your Job Descriptions?

Now that you have analyzed the situation, here are the guidelines which you need to consider for corrective and preventive actions:

1- Sometimes the matter is not really an ethical issue, it's just a difference of opinion so carefully understand on what you are being asked for. Sometimes you are doing a healthy compromise in the best interest of all stake holders (off course within your ethical values and in line with company policies)

2- If the matter is really critical, consider approaching the Fraud Management Team of your company. In some of the mature companies 'whistle blowing' or 'anonymous reporting' systems are set in place.

3- Seeking advice from your colleagues/close friends broadens your horizon and expose you to more options for consideration. Be careful whom you consider to seek advice. Ask the one who is honest and fair with you and would keep the secret in the long run.

4- Discuss the matter with your manager and document it, if possible. Make records for what you do, there is surely someone to ask later.

5- Define your principles to others quite often and show it time to time so that people know what type of person you are and what your ethical boundaries are. This is required to portray the traits of your personality so that others can develop a mental picture of you in their heads. This will prevent them approaching you for the wrong deeds.

6- Not every ethical issue is to be taken too much seriously, consequently, allowing it to steal your peace of mind. Every problem has several solutions. Keep it cool, stay mentally healthy, analyze the situation based on 8 points mentioned earlier in the post and then do the right act.

7- Sometimes a simple "No" helps. Just say so and put a full stop to the matter. Sometimes this is the most effective tool to use.

Religious approach to handle:

1- Have faith in God and do what your religion expects from you to do. Once done, leave it to God and He will turn the table for you. He is suffice for all your problems provided you have done the 'right'

2- Seek wisdom from God. Pray for the right path and He will guide you.

3- Whatever single deed you are doing is being recorded. You are answerable for what you have been doing during your life cycle. Good deeds result in good outcome not only in this world but also on the Day of Judgment; bad deeds bad results, here and hereafter! Be Honest and be fair. Do your self-audit quite often, in line with religion's principals.

4- Don't analyze the situation on political grounds which might divert your attention from the right path. Remember, Religion comes first. You should consider this filter for All of your problems. Anything which passes from this filter is the right thing to do.

Conclusion: Ethical Values (such as Truth, Honesty, Fairness, Transparency and self discipline) are unique treasure which you possess. Don't lose it at any cost. Your values are defining your character which is leading you towards your destiny. Sine you don't want to be a failure at the end of the day, so you need to stick to the humanitarian principles because the ultimate fact remains the same; 'As you sow, so shall you reap'. A Study confirms that the people who possess high ethical values are more happy than those who are engaged in fraudulent acts even if former earn less than the deceitful people. If you would like to read the types of Wealth, please visit this page 

 About Author: Junaid Tahir, a telecom engineer and a blogger. He writes articles on wisdom, happiness and stress management.