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How to be strong in hard moments

By Junaid Tahir When I was studying in my 12 grade, my elder sister, a teacher by profession, sent me a post card having these lines. &q...

By Junaid Tahir
When I was studying in my 12 grade, my elder sister, a teacher by profession, sent me a post card having these lines. "Don't be afraid of problems. Meet them, greet them, treat them and you will surely defeat them" So I dedicate this article to my sister for teaching a wonderful lesson of life; the life which is tougher than a teacher. Because the teacher teaches first and then takes the test whereas life puts us in test and then teach a lesson. These lessons come in different tastes (mostly bitter J) because of the unavoidable circumstances such as Financial Issues, Marital issues, Clash due to difference of opinion, Accidents and Mistakes done by us. In such situations following points can be considered in order to cope up:

1- Confess that you have a situation which you need to face in order to fix. Yes, this is very important factor. I know a lot of people, trying to convince themselves that nothing is wrong, though stress keeps building at the back of their heads. Consequently,
the stress explodes all of a sudden resulting in extreme outcomes. So the foremost thing is to tell yourself that you have to address the issue, instead of ignoring it.
2- Consider if the problem is something you should be really bothering about? Ask yourself whether it is not going to impact you if not addressed? If not, simply disregard it and be happy. However, if your brain think about the problem again and again then consider point-1 J

3- Chose your attitude… Consider the wow approach. To learn about it please follow the link

4- Consider if there are other people having same problem. If yes, check what they are doing to handle the situation. Search on internet, visit online answering services such as yahoo or wikihow.
5- Consider if you can breakdown the problem in smaller problems and fix each problem one by one. If you would like to develop analytical skills please read

6- Remember, if we cannot laugh again and again on the same joke, you shouldn't be worrying on the same issue again and again. Control your thoughts. You might want to read more on this at

7- Don't allow people to make your life miserable. No one is in-charge of your happiness except you so ignore negative comments and suggestions. Please read my article

Conclusion: A wise man is the one who learns from other's mistake. If you really want to be strong, you need to develop strong observation skills. You need to closely study people on how they behave at stressful situations. So keep observing and keep learning new horizons of inner power at the cost of others' experiences J.
Finally, don't give up. The successful and optimist people find solutions in nearly all kind of circumstances. So it's your choice either to be successful or to be a loser!