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Reducing the Gap between Potential and Performance

First of all let us understand what is Potential and what is Performance. Potential is the ability to execute or accomplish someth...

First of all let us understand what is Potential and what is Performance. Potential is the ability to execute or accomplish something whereas Performance is the actual work done during specific timelines. This actual amount of this work would either be equal or less than the Potential. For example, a mason has the capability (potential) of laying 1000 bricks a day, however he lays 800 bricks (Potential). In this example, there is a gap of 200 brick which should have been laid by the mason in the ideal scenario.
So let us review some factors which
 need to be considered in order to reduce the gap between Potential and Performance. The analysis can be applied to different scenarios such as office employee, domestic work or even for self audit.

1-    Stress at work: Managers need to closely observe if any specific employee is disturbed due to any reason (either personal or office politics or any other office stress). The manager needs to discuss it in person so as to reduce or fix the stressful situation. If there are ethical issues, its manager responsibility to take necessary actions for the employees trapped in ethical issues.
2-   Skills development: The saw needs to be sharpen now a then. Read this nice story to understand the concept in detail.
3-   Fair payment: Employee needs to be paid fairly which should be in accordance with their capabilities. Also, the level of embarrassment increases if different employees are not treated evenly.
4-   Health: Fair amount of rest should be offered to employees in case they are sick. The performance will definitely be degraded if an employee is pushed to work beyond his health limits.
5-   Team work: Encourage all team members to work for a common goal. Associate awards with accomplishment of tasks.
Conclusion: Improving happiness index and loyalty factor to the company will improve throughput. Think from each members' perspective that when he/she wakes up in the morning, what he thinks before coming to office. Is he enthusiastic about coming to office or just coming for time pass? Is he/she a motivated and a highly engaged employee? Remember, employees are like batters you need to charge them consistently for best performance.

Article written by Junaid Tahir