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What Happens When Luxuries Become Routines

When the luxuries of your life become your routines, the power of  crisis survival gets reduced dramatically. On the contrary, a ...

When the luxuries of your life become your routines, the power of crisis survival gets reduced dramatically. On the contrary, a simple life style strengthens your inner abilities to fight all kind of tragic circumstances of your life. 

To elaborate this theory let us consider this example that if I take my son to a high end costly restaurant EVERY weekend then over the course of some months, it will become his routine to enjoy this treat. In fact this will no more be luxury for him, instead it will become his need. Now God forbid, for any reason, I am unable to take him to such restaurants then surely he is going to miss this luxury of eating out and/or soon would start complaining about it and/or get embarrassed or would emotionally be disturbed. Now if I apply this basic example to multiple luxurious habits (such as buying toys, video games, clothes too often or fulfilling all the wishes swiftly) then imagine what would happen to the psychology of my kid at the time of financial crisis? Indeed he will get dishearten, distracted and emotionally disturbed. He might feel that his blessings have been snatched from him all of a sudden. His overall personality and character would definitely be impacted !!!  (Article written by Junaid.Tahir)

Well, The purpose of all this elaboration is not asking you to deprive your loved ones from their rights but to reduce these luxury routines from your life. And in order to do that let us take the same eating-out example again. So if you ate out on last weekend, then this week you can eat home-made food. The money which  you were about to spend on eating out, you can buy some fruits or milk or anything for the guys working on the nearby petrol pump or the workers at a nearby construction project or simply encourage your children to give this money to any charity project. 
This mechanism has multiple advantages;
1-    You are helping less fortunate community members to enjoy the blessings.
2-   You are raising your child with high ethical values
3-   You are adapting simple life style hence improving your strength to fight well during crisis.
4-   By eating home-made food you are adapting a healthy life style because its fresh, its less fatty, less control and have hygienic ingredients. Consequently you are helping yourself staying away from Heart and other several diseases.
5-   You are spreading happiness in your community. In fact, you are generating ripples of happiness and consequently adding high impact on society. Article written by Junaid.Tahir If you would like to adapt simplicity in your life, please do read my article here
Eating out example is just for the sake of elaboration; in fact the concept can be applied in several domains of life.

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M Junaid Tahir

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