By Junaid Tahir

I was in a meeting in company’s Dubai regional office. My boss asked me to bring a pen for him.  I came out of meeting room and asked an Emarati (UAE National) colleague working nearby that if I can borrow his pen. Since we didn’t know each other so he asked: “Will you return it or not?”
“For sure I will return it”
I took the pen and went back to meeting room.
After the meeting, i went to his desk but he wasn’t there. I took a page from my laptop and wrote:

"Dear Brother, Many thanks for your trust and giving me your pen. I am returning this pen to you with a million of thanks. Cheers !!!
Junaid "

I placed this page on his desk and his pen along with this page and intended to leave. While I was doing this, he was watching me from a distance whereas I wasn’t aware that he is noticing me.

He rushed to me and asked what I was writing... I showed him the paper. He read it and he was amazed the way I was returning his pen.
He said, which country are you from? I introduced myself, country etc....

He was very happy to meet me….

He said, “Being on the desk next to the meeting room so many people come to me to borrow the pen but never return back.... you are an amazing person because you kept your words and also you returned my thing in a nice way...”


1- With small acts of kindness we can win the hearts of people.
2- With small acts of honesty, we promote love and mutual trust in our societies.
3- With small acts of responsibility, we improve the image of our country/religion.

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