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10 Tips to Simplify Your Life

Over the last decade, life has consistently been enriched because of more and more facilities, on-going gadgets inventions and day by day ...

Over the last decade, life has consistently been enriched because of more and more facilities, on-going gadgets inventions and day by day increment in luxuries. This is quite exciting, however during the same period of time, people have increased their love for materialistic things abruptly which has directly or indirectly reduced their overall happiness index. Nowadays, we have more luxuries but less delights and high stress levels. We have more sugar, blood and heart patients than it used to a decade back. The reason for all the stress and anxiety is simply that we are not living a simple life.

Below are some tips which can simplify your life and may amplify the happiness scale of your life.

1-    Avoid getting influenced: You don't have to follow every single trend in society. If your friend has purchased a new BMW, you don't need to buy a Mercedes to impress. Live for yourself not for others. If you purchase a high-end luxury car today, your love for this will end soon and you will be selling it at considerable financial loss though I am not forbidding you to purchase luxury things once in a considerable duration of time.

2-   Avoid impulse buying: You don't need to buy every single gadget you like in this shop. Do your Needs Vs Wants analysis. Buy only if it is really increasing your peace of mind. Remember that nowadays the standard life of every gadget (phone, tablet, laptop, jewelry etc) is more or less 6 months because of new and new products released by several companies.

3-   The 6 months Rule: Generally speaking, anything which has not been used in the last 6 months will most likely not be used in the next 6 months. Give such things (shoes, garments, toys, mobiles, household items) to charity. This will help spread happiness in society and reduce your space at home.

4-   Avoid Credit Cards Usage: Avoid this as much as you can. Debt is a silent stress and eating up your mental health slowly. Your brain might get old while you are young at heart. You might develop high BP or sugar because of stress due to credit. Live a credit-free life.

5-   Learn to say No: Don't accept every single attractive offer from the bank representative or a car loan company. Do your "Needs Vs Wants" analysis. Careful spending is always recommended.

6-   Reduce too many social gatherings: Stay at home. Spend quality time with your spouse and kids for empowered relationships. You don't have to say yes every time to your friend who is coming to pick you from home to join another late night social get together.

7-   Reduce your love for money: Careful spending and saving is important but don't allow your brain to keep doing the calculations all day long. Your love for money is pulling your brain strings and damaging your peace of mind silently. Stay away from too many thoughts about your finances.

8-   Less TV, more Books: It is proven that people who watch more movies generate high levels of stress. Read quality books to learn wisdom and attain a high degree of happiness.

9-   Spend time with Nature: Instead of going to cinemas and malls repeatedly, spend time in parks. This will relax your brain, body and soul.

10- Change your eating habits: why eat lavish foods by visiting costly restaurants again and again in a week. The purpose of food is to fill your belly for a few hours. So the suggestion here is to go for simpler and healthier food. Remember, most of the food items in the market are fried which are increasing your cholesterol level silently hence making you a heart patient in the long run!