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10 Best Positive Words

​   Positivity is perhaps the most desired of feelings. We feel unhappy because of all sorts of matters, but little d...


Positivity is perhaps the most desired of feelings. We feel unhappy because of all sorts of matters, but little do we realize that we're missing out on something very minor, but extremely profound. It is not only important to be aware of the words we speak, but all the more the ones we don't.  Add the following positive words to your vocabualry and you will see how they are actually the simplest words you will ever need to remember.

A sense of community forms a large proportion of our overall cause of happiness, and how much we cherish it depends on our actions. When you're in public, there's no harm in smiling at people and saying a simple "Hello", when it's possible. By doing this, you will be prolonging your social bonds rather than neglecting them.

No one knows what the future holds, but hope is the only thing we have that connects us to it in the most positive way possible. Once we have that, we are more trusting of whatever comes our way, and people will see your optimism shining through from the inside. This also creates good vibes with the people we meet, hence spreading more positivity. Don't forget to use this word as a key for giving good advice.

Remind yourself that there IS a solution to everything. Nothing is as bad as you think it is - if it diverges from your expectations, it doesn't mean you won't work your way through it. Using "good' or "great" enhances your sense of positivity, and besides, they surely sound better to people's ears rather than a frank "but".

​There's nothing wrong in wondering about stuff. Having thoughts and questions popping up in your head is absolutely normal. Asking "how" means that you are interested in something, you want to learn, and you want to challenge yourself. As long as it is used for good intentions and in reasonable frequencies, this word can make you seem that you're taking the initiative in something positively, as in for instance: "How does this work?" or "How can I help?".
10 Positive Words You Should Be Using More Every Day-
Things can not simply be good, they can be much more than that! In this situation, we would want to express our excitement about what is turning out to be great in whatever we are doing. This is why words like "awesome" and "excellent" are vital for one's daily vocabulary. Remember that everything can be excellent, if we rightfully decide it is so!
 10 Positive Words You Should Be Using More Every Day-
Show that you can give a "yes" now and again. This doesn't mean you should accept everything you come across, but adopting a 'yes' attitude towards life and its opportunities will make others realize you have a strong and reliable character. Avoid too much of 'no' and 'I don't know' in your answers and decisions - look at the bright side and open your mind to other options - there's always room for a 'yes'.
 10 Positive Words You Should Be Using More Every Day-
Where has your enthusiasm gone? Have you forgotten how to be awed at something? Idealism is a nasty tendency that blocks the possibility for a meaningful "wow". Don't keep looking into how much better something can be, appreciate that it's already amazing enough and that what is yet to come is something thrilling! Look for the opportunities that make you say 'wow' - you'll realize how many of them we come across every day but never notice. 

10 Positive Words You Should Be Using More Every Day-
We sometimes forget to say the most profound word of all. Let people know how important they are to you by saying the special three-word sentence - "I love you". Very often, we know it deep down but we fail to say it out loud. Love is something that grows, but also something that can be lost terribly quickly. So before you regret it, spread the incredible feeling within you with your friends, family, and partner in life, not only in words, but also in actions.
 10 Positive Words You Should Be Using More Every Day-
Appreciation and gratitude are the greatest gifts of fulfillment you could ever give to anyone. Nothing beats a kind feedback like areward and letting someone know they have done something special. When you use "thanks", people will feel more significant and respected when around you. Maybe you might realize there are some people in your life to whom you owe a big thank you. Let them know this now before it's too late, and make sure you put a smile on their faces. You will feel lighter and happier yourself upon doing it.
 10 Positive Words You Should Be Using More Every Day-
Finally, don't forget "me". Remember: it's ok to think of yourself a little more often. Think of how you are feeling and what makes you feel better. When we reflect with ourselves, we like to look at our flaws. Rather than doing this, create the opportunity to feel good about yourself, observe your improvements and know what your skills and talents are. No one will ever know them better than you do. Apart from this, never forget that in order to make other people happy, you need to find happiness within yourself.
 Radiate your happiness now, by sharing these positive thoughts with your dear ones.