There are cine stars that charge Rs50 crores per film. Many female stars charge Rs ten lakhs for attending an event. The incomes of many exceed Rs 100 crores per annum. While lesser lawyers charge lakhs of rupees as fees for a single case, starred lawyers charge lakhs for attending one court session. A person whose income is 100 crores per annum does not mind paying Rs 30 crores as income tax, assuming that he is honest. His/her income is real and not the make believe income of those depending on Fixed Deposits.

When you deal with a beggar even Rs five appears very big to you. Because you just do not give him any value. When you feel that a person is worthless you pay very low amount and speak of that very small amount as very big amount. You thus insult the person by paying a very small amount. You are actually converting the person into a beggar—the lower the amount the bigger the insult.

Very few of us believe the worse than the damn lies—Statistics. In reality prices are rising. Inflation takes us to the status of beggars continuously especially those that depend on the fake income called interest on Fixed deposits which is always lower than the rate of real inflation.

Source: yeddanapudi m

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