Decision making and change is very important

Understands the importance of change to create a happy vibrant life. Constantly adapt and shift approach to problem to get a solution. Have ability to counter any negative thoughts with new and improved ways of thinking. Also you must become comfortable with yourself as an all thinking all changing comes.

Every challenge you overcome results in adapting, changing and growing. We are all part of a process of change. A mature attitude to change is important for personal success.

Start with an honest appraisal of self. You know what your strengths and weaknesses are. Be honest about everything. Become more than just an ordinary person. Do not accept limitations in life.

We are all prone to doing from time to time an immoral or antisocial manner that can affect the view of our own self image. Accept what you need to change. Learn from your mistakes and act in a constructive way.

The key is to become constructive in your approach to change.

Take personal responsibility for your behaviour. It is up to you to take ultimate responsibility for your actions. You are less likely to start blaming others for your misfortune, and will look instead to positive action.

If you are willing to work hard and practice on your new skills, you will find it easier to accept yourself. Integrating self-acceptance into your life should be a daily process. If you think unhappy thoughts you will tend to feel unhappy and vice-versa. If you use abusive or harsh language to describe, then you are heading towards feeling very emotionally unhappy. And the more likely you are to believe it. Change how you think and feel about yourself.

People often call themselves losers, idiots, and good for nothings, simpletons, or imbeciles because of certain events or actions they have been involved in or done. This does not get to the heart of the problem and is very self-destructive. stop with negative labeling and name calling.

To move on in life in a way that contributes to the kind of world you would like to live in, assume personal responsibility and keep working hard on self-acceptance.

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