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How to Create Secure PDF Documents

Of all document-type formats in the digital world, PDF files resemble classical paper documents the most. They a...

Of all document-type formats in the digital world, PDF files resemble classical paper documents the most. They are universal, which means they can be seen on absolutely any device or computer on Earth, because of their amazing formatting. On the other hand, they are pretty troublesome for editing, but that’s a different story altogether, and today we’re going to dedicate our attention on a specific feature that the PDF has, and that is the ability to be secured.

Just like paper documents, digital files often require protection, and here we’re going to show you how to create secure PDF documents using a swell desktop software which comes totally free for a period of seven days.

With PDF Converter Elite 5 securing your PDF is very easy to accomplish, and there are several different layers of protection you can choose from, depending on your current requirements.

To start, after opening the program, click on the file icon in the upper left corner of the screen.

       There you’ll find a “PDF Creation Options” bar, which you should open.

       This will open the dialog box in the middle of the monitor, where you need to select the Security tab, and tick the “Secure PDF” box, as shown on the image below.

Here you will find the space to place passwords for the user and owner. The owner of the document has all the permissions, and as the owner, you can manually select the permissions you want the user to have.

There are several options that include allowing printing, copying and modifying the file, which you can tick or untick depending what you want the user to do with your PDF. Once you’ve arranged the options to your liking, click on the “OK” button. If you want to save the settings and to use them next time, click the “Save to File” button to save the template. Next time you want to apply those settings, just repeat the same process to open this window and click the “Load from File” button. If you want to save the settings as default, click that button.

After this, in the upper left corner choose the “Create PDF” button, and select the file you want converted to a secured PDF. Note that you cannot secure a file that is already in PDF form, but only files that are in the Word, Excel, CSV, PowerPoint, Publisher, OpenOffice and HTML and AutoCad format.

Once you’ve opened the file that you’re securing, the program will apply all the permissions and limitations you’ve added to it, and the only remaining thing to do is to save the file. This is accomplished with the “Save As” button.

       Every time you send this particular PDF file to someone, the recipient will require a user password to open the file at all, and will be able to perform only the operations you’ve allowed, using the limitations and permissions options.

       If your work requires frequent sharing of sensitive information, make sure to try this great PDF converter, because it will make your files far more secure, and your overall business much safer.