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Solve Problems Like A Genius!

Genius level thinking is not reserved only for highly mentally gifted. Geniuses have a system for how to work through problems. Once you...

  1. Identification : In most cases, we tend to think that the symptoms of a problem are the problem itself. Since we did not solve the root cause of the problem, the symptoms will return again and again. Spend time in identifying the true problem. Problem can be resolved once and for all if you identify its causes. Spend a lot of time and thought on finding the real problem.
  2. Mindset : When we have a "big" problem in our lives, it becomes a major source of stress and worry. Our thoughts repeat on the phrase, "It's impossible". But all problems are temporary and solvable. Think about a major problem in your life 3 years ago. You realize that the problem that was gigantic then is not a problem at all today. You can change a circumstance contributing to a problem. View problems as challenges; know that they are temporary, and that a solution can be found.
  3. Vision : Towards solving a problem. We focus on the next step, and then the next. This can often result in frustration, lack of faith, and the creation of brand new problems. Make first step visualizing as the end state, what you feel once the problems are solved Understand the true problem and all of its components and symptoms solved. In "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People," Stephen Covey say “begin with the end in mind". Know where you are going before you try to get there. This is a major contributor towards resolution.
  4. Brainstorm : We may become successful in past. But current problem may be different and require a fresh perspective. Sit down and think through dozens of solutions. Even solutions is perfect, keep for another solution. And now you know exactly how it will be done. Writing down on a pad and a pen is good method.
  5. Plan : Most of us never plan our solutions out. Create a plan to implement those solutions. Need from others, the timeline, and move forward. We are planning out a vacation, a birthday party or a night out. It is that worth taking ome time.
  6. Act : Procrastination, perfectionism, and denial are the enemies of action. When we know there is something major we must do, but we'd rather not act and wait till everything perfectly laid out .

    But act now, act swiftly, with confidence. Don't wait. Don't sit on it. Know that mistakes are a part of the process, Trust the process, trust your solutions and trust yourself.
  7. Adjust : Mmonitor progress against the end state vision - proceed along plan, learn more, get smarter and need to make adjustments here or there if they are going to succeed. Get committed to their end state vision. No plan is perfect, and all plans need fine tuning as you move further down the solution path. It's a natural part of the process that should be embraced if there is a need to succeed.