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The Rich Mindset

Change your previous beliefs about money and install these new RICH MINDSET 1. Money is not a material. Money is an Energy. 2. Money is th...

Change your previous beliefs about money and install these new RICH MINDSET

1. Money is not a material. Money is an Energy.

2. Money is the root of all Evil - THIS IS WRONG. Money s the root of all solutions - So, I want more of it -THIS IS RIGHT MINDSET

3. Money DOES NOT MAKE you Happy. THIS IS WRONG. Nothing can make you happy. Only you are responsible for your happiness. If you want to be happy then you can be happy right now. It is like a Switch. You can turn it ON anytime.

So If you have money, you can solve problems for others and that can further add value and happiness to your life. So of course money can BUY HAPPINESS

4. I HAVE SEEN RICH PEOPLE NOT HAVE LOVE in their life. That’s wrong again. You have witnessed people with lots of money.

You have not seen RICH PEOPLE. There is a difference between RICH PEOPLE AND PEOPLE with lots of money.

RICH PEOPLE ARE abundant in love, money, time, care, service, fun, meaning, spirituality and even Health.

PEOPLE WITH LOTS OF MONEY believe they need to sacrifice Health, Relationships or Family in order to become RICH. Because MIND manifests what we believe they manifest money but, at the cost of losing health, family or morality - sometimes all. This is not being RICH. This is limited Mindset.

So you must clearly demarcate the difference. Because such beliefs work contrary to your own MONEY MINDSET.

So how do you THINK can these limiting beliefs be corrected?


1. I never was rich - Could be. You were not tall either. Yet you grow from being a BABY to an ADULT. Today you could be broke or middle-class. It does not matter. If you choose to become RICH, you will become RICH.

2. I am already ENOUGH - I am already learning enough to support myself and my family. True. But that is really not enough. Because Enough is really never Enough. You should have the habit of making more money than you need.

That is not being greedy. It is being abundant. When you have more money, you can take profound care of not just your loved ones. But also other who are deprived of money can be helped by you. Think about it. You will understand the responsibility of becoming RICH

3. Love is Everything. - Yes, Love is Everything. But Love does not feed stomach or Build houses. Money can. And that is a good thing. Few people assume MONEY and LOVE are opposites. That's wrong. Money and Love are complimentary. If you have MONEY, you can take better care of your loved ones.

4. Money brings troubles - Money Never brings troubles. Mindset brings troubles. Mismanagement f money brings troubles. If you manage money well, Money manages your life well . Simple. Period.

5. I will loose friends if I am richer than them Then you have wrong friends. Friends should be happy for your success. Not insecure or jealous. Second threatening o ditch you or if you feel they might leave you upon your success, is a Stupid Belief. So either change your beliefs or change your friendship.

So get RID of LIMITING beliefs and Begin a NEW rich mindset

Stand Right where you are. Place your Hand on your HEART. And Say - I AM THE ONLY PROBLEM in my LIFE.

Most often, people assume-by-default that there are certain UNKOWN PROBLEMS that they have to face if they would want to become RICH. They do not know what these problems are. Yet, what they do is called Situation- Amplification.

What it means is 'I have to work so hard to earn what I am doing now. Imagine becoming RICH would be even so much harder'. Now that's a belief that runs in mind BUT People are not aware of it.

So Here are my two powerful points for you.

1. Situations Amplifications is wrong of THINKING to become RICH. Instead, f you want to from where you are to becoming RICH, you need to LEARN the ways of RICH. You do not have to work hard more, sacrifice more or kill yourself to work. Instead you Just learn how you do it. That's it.

2. If you understand that for the rest of your life there will be only one problem and that is YOU. Then, your life becomes pretty easy thereafter. Because every time you face a problem, the only problem you have is YOU. Only YOU are stopping yourself from becoming RICH. There are no other PROBLEMS that you will face.

So are you willing to become RICH by solving YOU as the PROBLEM. Are you willing to become rich by adopting RICH HABITS. Are you willing to become what you want to become.

Then SAY - I am the only problem for the rest of my Life - while your hand is on the heart and you are still standing. Once you commit to this declaration, you are FREE OF FINANCIAL BLOCKS.