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Top 10 Ways to Remove Anger and Gain Peace

Do you become angry when you get your feelings hurt? What about when you're unhappy or feeling frustrated? Criticism is another comm...

Remove Anger and Gain Peace

Do you become angry when you get your feelings hurt? What about when you're unhappy or feeling frustrated? Criticism is another common trigger for angry feelings. However, anger isn't something that happens to you. It's something you do to yourself.

Anger isn't a useful emotion. It drains your energy and damages your health. It can ruin relationships and hold you back from new opportunities.

While it's challenging to control external circumstances, you can learn to control your angry reactions and attitudes. Think about how powerful you'd feel if you had this kind of control.

Do you ever find yourself becoming angry over irrelevant issues? Your life could be much more joyful if you eliminate such anger. Make today be the day you start to move toward peace.

Gain more peace in your life with these suggestions:

1. Spend time each day reminding yourself how great life would be without anger. Create a positive image in your mind and keep moving toward that more peaceful existence.

2. Avoid taking everything so seriously. Remind yourself that life is short. Does the issue that's causing your anger matter in the grand scheme of things?

3. Try counting to ten. Your mom probably told you to stop and count to ten at some point in your life, and moms give great advice. This strategy is distracting and gives you the mental space to come up with a better alternative.

4. Take a drink of water. Again, this will distract you from your anger and give you a few minutes to regain your composure. To some extent, many of us are chronically dehydrated. A little water will likely make you feel better.

5. Focus on your breathing. By focusing on your breathing, you're taking the focus off whatever is making you angry. A few slow, deep breaths can have a calming effect.

6. Realize that everyone has an opinion. It's pointless to get angry just because someone doesn't agree with you. How would you feel if others became furious every time you didn't agree with them?

7. Decide to react calmly, regardless of the situation. Having good intentions can make all the difference.

8. Think about something funny. It's much more difficult to be angry while you're laughing. There's something funny in nearly any situation. If you're unable to find something at that moment, remember another time that was humorous.

9. Focus on being patient. Try slowing everything down and calming your anger. Your emotions are much less likely to get out of control if you react more peacefully. Those who are patient have more freedom and options.

10. Think positive thoughts. Anger is based on your interpretation of the situation. Avoid assuming the worst. Positive thoughts result in positive emotions and a happier life.

Anger is a sign of poor self-control and it's an emotion that rarely leads to a positive outcome. When you're angry, you're likely to make unfavorable choices. Poor decisions make life and relationships more challenging than they need to be.

Work on controlling your anger daily. Consider getting professional help if anger is prominent in your life. With a little practice, nearly anyone can learn to control their anger.

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