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What Is Your Life Purpose?

  Are you aware of your life purpose? You have ever found your life purpose? Have you thought off ‘living life on purpose’ If no - whether y...


Are you aware of your life purpose? You have ever found your life purpose? Have you thought off ‘living life on purpose’ If no - whether you have missed the boat – or you feel that isn’t really that important?

It’s never too late to discover and live for life purpose. You discover your purpose today. You share with your friends and family – it is amazing to be a part of your own journey!

Remember who you are, what gets you excited; why you’re here. You might say, “I want to make my dreams come true, but, dreams go on changing, that’s not the Purpose of life.”

Your Purpose may be a joyous expression of who you are. When you stand on your Purpose, the quality of your dreams and your life will change automatically for good.

Your Purpose could be anything which gives you advancement in life. Your Purpose is anything that touches your heart and makes a difference to you. If you’re working at a job just for the money, and what you’re doing doesn’t make you feel proud, you’ve lost your sense of Life Purpose. Always test - how you feel: how your life is flowing or do you rationalize every point.”

Most people are so busy reacting to the needs of daily life that they’re happy just to be passing through the day. Life revolves around daily crises and they’re always feeling routine. By identifying your Purpose, you’ll have more energy and are more focused. Now you will have more time to do anything and you will be able to do difficult job easily and pleasurably. You will get real pleasure of life.

How to determine the Life Purpose?

List three accomplishments (accomplishments comes as a gift) and success (for success you have worked hard) in your life, till today for which you are proud and passionate. About which you can say, “I did that; I achieved it and I feel good.”

Write down the three names of person whom you admire, you have learned from them something and they have deep impression on your mind.

Write them down simply and quickly; as you write the first one, the other two will come.

Now look for the pattern, what is the common component that made you feel good about those achievements. What was pleasant for you in all these examples?

Now get in touch with what you were feelings about the events and about yourself. Try to stay broad and have generic statements. Perhaps all the items listed will become fun and you are learning something new now.

Some people feel passion about their Life Purpose as soon as they define it. Others may not be sure if the stated Life Purpose is true with them. You may not experience anything until you’re in action on a project. If you’re having difficulty finding all points in above questions, still you’re on the right track.

Few people feel that purpose of life should be luxury. If you find yourself thinking that way, stop and chunk your mind.

Many people live on purpose, and ask themselves a question… “What is something small that I can do right now to express my purpose to the Universe?”And then they work hard for that purpose. When you do it, you will remind yourself that you can choose your purpose and do something GREAT.

You may have your Life Purpose a single-focused or multi-dimensional. See your life this way. Imagine yourself seeing runway from aircraft, to capture your Life’s Purpose in the most general way. Then enjoy the flight taking off and “feel” of it.. If your Purpose comes from what you feel you are on right path of your journey. And you will achieve everything whatever you desire or aim at. Just by understanding Life Purpose will make your life enjoyable and pleasurable.