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Best Deals For Used Phones And Prepaid Connections - Australia

  Users looking for the best deals on phones and prepaid connections need look no further than the site featured here. An amazing range of...

Users looking for the best deals on phones and prepaid connections need look no further than the site featured here. An amazing range of used and refurbished phones and prepaid connections in addition to the iconic iPad and iPhone makes this Australian owned site one of the best in the market. The deals make it possible for buyers to lay their hands on top end models of phones in impeccable condition at bargain prices.

Refurbished phones  

The site offers a range of top end phones for sale. iPhones, iPads and Samsung Galaxy phones are available in impeccable refurbished condition. As each component is tested and serviced, it gets a fresh lease of life with updated firmware or software as necessary. The as good as new phones are made available to buyers at prices that take it within the reach of many buyers who find it difficult to pay for the full price of a new phone. 

Prepaid Vodafone connections
The site has partnered with Vodafone to offer free prepaid sim cards to buyers of refurbished phones. The phones are fully unlocked and ready to use, and in combination with the free offer will make it easy for a buyer to get a new phone and a connection. Users who log on to will be in for a pleasant surprise as they learn of the free prepaid sim offer with every purchase of refurbished phones. 

Wholesale deals  

Enterprises wishing to enter into a deal by opting for a large number of devices and connections at wholesale prices can opt for the wholesale offer. This will be suitable for businesses that wish to give their employees company mobiles and connections for official use. 

The site offers a three month warranty on the refurbished phones and devices. This means that the site trusts in the quality of the refurbished phones and the expected life of the components. With service and support thrown in, users can easily approach the site for any service or warranty replacement. 

Factory tested
The factory tested phones ensures that the products will perform as per specifications. Unlike a service offered by ill equipped teams, the factory tested products meet the high standards of benchmarks laid down to ensure that they are certified as fit for sale. 

Superfast metro delivery  

The site offers superfast metro delivery and makes it easy for buyers to take possession of the mobiles after purchasing the same online. One of the advantages of purchasing from the site are the low price points for products of good condition, delivered to homes and offices through reliable logistics partners.

One of the advantages of buying products from this site is the fact that none of the products that are made available as refurbished ones are outdated. All phones and pads are still widely used and continue o0t be hot favourites among users. Therefore, users will have the satisfaction of owning devices that are relatively new models, at reasonable price points.