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Happy People Have These 18 Personality Traits

Are you happier on your own than surrounded by people? Do you consider yourself to be more of an introvert than an extrovert? Then ch...

Are you happier on your own than surrounded by people? Do you consider yourself to be more of an introvert than an extrovert? Then chances are you've got these 8 personality traits that mean you're perfectly happy on your own. Check them out and see if these traits describe you!

1. Self awareness
All of that alone time gives loners the opportunity to reflect upon themselves and their feelings. They know themselves better than they know anyone and that's why they always seem to know exactly what they can and can't handle.

2. An open mind
You might think that loners are pretty set in their ways and don't want to go all out with new adventures, but you're dead wrong! They're always open to trying new things, they're just picky about who they try these new things with, so if they'll let you accompany them on a big adventure then you know you're really special to them.

3. Firm boundaries

Not only do our lovely loners have firm expectations for their own boundaries, but they'll give your boundaries as much respect as they give their own. They're not afraid to say no to anything they don't want to do, and I'm honestly pretty jealous of that! If I was so firm with my boundaries I wouldn't have agreed to go to that awkward office party last week!

4. They're empathetic

Loners are hugely empathetic and will be the first people to take care of you when you're going through something. Because they know how you feel so deeply, they're the best people to turn to when you need advice because they'll want you to feel better as quickly as possible.

5. They know that nobody's perfect
Loners know that they're not perfect, they spend so much time reflecting that they know every one of their own flaws. This is why they're so accepting of the flaws of others. They know nobody's perfect and they definitely don't expect you to be.

6. They're loyal
People who are happy on their own don't feel the need to surround themselves with tonnes of acquaintances. That's why you know that if you're friends with a loner, they're gonna be the best, most loyal friend you'll ever have. You're their friend because they really value you, not just because they feel the need to be around people.

7. They value their time

People who like to spend time by themselves know exactly how valuable that time is, so you can guarantee they'll never waste yours. That's also why they won't waste their own time on people they don't love, so if a loner is spending their time with you, you know you're special to them.

8. They're level-headed

You'll find that those who prefer their alone time don't tend to run from any challenges life throws their way. They don't run, they don't panic and they definitely don't let it get the better of them. They approach problems with a a clear and sensible mind and use their much loved alone time to think things through properly before they act.

9. They don't have negative thoughts

When removed from the  constant bombardment of others, they are less likely to have any negative thoughts because they are not exposed to the opinions of others. Of course, we know that others can have a lot of negative things to say and so not being around them is a way of relieving themselves of this in order to allow them to think positively.

10. They have better memories

Being alone gives them the perspective that they are longing for and therefore, they are able to retain information a lot better than when they are crowded by others which tend to distract them from what they need to achieve. It gives them peace and so they are able to focus better. Who doesn't want to be smarter?

11. They have better relationships

They are able to have a real understanding of who they are and therefore reflect this insight into all of their relationship. Thereby improving them because they don't have to worry about what they have to offer. In fact, they realize their own value and can therefore be able to have more meaningful relationships as a consequence.

12. They make smarter decisions

Without all of the noise of the crowds, it easier for them to make decisions carefully and without any input from others than can distract them from their true purpose.  For that reason, their decision making skills are very much improved and are therefore, without any doubts. Therefore, don't be afraid to let your kids spend some quality time alone!

13. They have a higher productivity

They can easily focus on the task at hand and make huge improvements in their productivity while doing do. This is important when they are tasked with handling large amounts of information that needs to be addressed accordingly which, in turn, makes for a higher productivity rate. This is a good asset for them to have for jobs AND their personal life.

14. They are good problem solvers

They have enough the skills necessary to take on the challenges of solving complex problems and since they don't have to rely on others to give them the information, they are constantly coming up with the answers all on their own which improves their brain power in solving problems. In time, it's like everything they touch is automatically fixed! What a great way to live.

15. They are more creative

We all that creativity is a real gift and yet it doesn't come easily. Therefore, those who spend a great deal of time alone are more apt to tap into their creative energy in order to give this alone time some real meaning. Therefore, they are likely to become artists, writers and have many creative outlets which enhance their lives spent alone. So, being alone is a really cool thing!

16. They are confident

This usually goes without saying but to expand on this: They are are more likely to not care what others think because their own thoughts which occupy their mind are far more positive than anyone else's and for that reason, they are capable of becoming confident people who know their real value here on earth. Therefore, they are capable of showing off their traits in a very confident way.

17. They have good personalities

Often, after spending some quality time alone, they relish in the company of others and often have plenty to contribute! They are often full of energy and have a positive perspective which gives them the type of personality that many people enjoy. So, when you see them out in public, be sure to take advantage of all that they have to offer because they are always up for sharing themselves.

18. They contribute to society

Being alone gives them the ability to understand the meaning of life on a much grander scale and so when it's time to come out of their "quiet time" they are more likely to do things that commit to a greater goal in society. They are often willing to do community projects and help those in need. Therefore, spending time alone can also translate to doing some good for all of mankind!
Are you happier on your own than you are with others? Do you share these personality traits with other introverts? Let us know in the comments and don't forget to share this article with your friends and family!​

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