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8 Signs of A Selfish Person

The world is full of all kinds of people, and while some of them might fill our lives with love and contentment, there are others who app...

The world is full of all kinds of people, and while some of them might fill our lives with love and contentment, there are others who appear to only exist to use and abuse us. If you find that you're constantly surrounded by self-centered people, it can often feel quite hard to cope, and it can take quite a toll on your self-confidence and stress levels. If you can relate, then read on, and find out just how to identify and deal with a selfish person.

8 Signs of a Selfish Person:

1. They believe they deserve special treatment.

Selfish people often believe that they're better than everyone else, and just love being the center of attention. They think that they should be given special attention, and can't stand being ignored. They have no trouble asking you for a favor of any size, even if they hardly know you.

2. They view you as a detail.
A selfish person will rarely thank you for anything, and when they do they tend to sound insincere. Even though they have no trouble asking you for favors, they usually don't like reciprocating. They'll often come up with excuses or try to postpone the favor for as long as possible. Sometimes, they may even act like you never even asked.

3. They make shady plans. 
Canceling plans at the last minute, along with a string of lame excuses, are what selfish people are renowned for. They may have found something 'better' to do, or someone 'better' to meet. They probably think that their excuses are perfectly understandable, even though they rarely are.

4. They find you boring.
Another sign of a selfish person is that they never really take the time to try and understand you. For them, a conversation is primarily a means of asserting dominance, and as a result they'll often interrupt you or downplay the importance of things you have to say.

5. They hide their 'Black Hole' characteristics..

It's quite possible that a selfish person is aware of their character flaws, and acknowledges that they may cause their relationships to suffer. That's why they often go to great lengths to act polite, cordial, and interested in what you do. Don't be fooled however, as this is only to draw you in, and they always show their true colors before long.

6. They aren't aware of their selfishness.
It's also quite possible for a selfish person to be more-or-less unaware of what they do. They may rationalize their selfish actions by saying that they did something for the greater good, yet the negative consequences of their actions never seem to affect themselves as much as they affect others.

7. Their ego is unbearably dominant.

Ego has a crucial role to play when it comes to selfish behavior. Self-centered people only care about how things affect their own lives, while paying little attention to the needs and desires of others. A common example of this is the mother that claims a child has abandoned her by choosing to work or study abroad.

8. They rob you of your confidence.
Selfish people criticize and degrade others in order to feel superior. They usually act controlling when with friends, family, or even colleagues, and as a result spending time with one will often drain you mentally and emotionally.