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7 Strategies to Make Your Own Good Luck!

They say that in life, you make your own luck, and to a great extent that’s true. There are certain strategies that you can implement in o...

They say that in life, you make your own luck, and to a great extent that’s true. There are certain strategies that you can implement in order to improve your luck, and they’re actually simpler than you might think. Here are 7 strategies to ensure good luck:

1. Take note of the unexpected

Personality tests indicate that people who are anxious and tense do not tend to notice the unexpected. It’s possible to get so wrapped up in whatever you’re going through at a given point in time that you can miss opportunities that are literally staring you in the face.

2. Listen to your gut

Although it can be difficult to trust your instincts blindly, you’ll often find that whatever your initial feelings were about something were right all along. It is said that lucky people tend to make decisions by following their intuition, however, that doesn’t mean that you can’t sleep on a big decision first.

3. Be expectant of good fortune

Getting into the habit of having positive expectations creates self-fulfilling prophecies in your life. An example of this is a married young woman suddenly having to sell the home she shares with her husband because he received a promotion at work that requires them to move to a new location.

She envisaged signing the contract of sale on her wedding anniversary, and it turns out that that’s exactly what happened. Remember that what you think about, you bring about!

4. Add variety to your life

Nothing ever changes if you do the same thing day in, day out. Doing something as simple as changing your route to work or taking up a new activity invites new situations and people into your life, so try and change up your routine a little and see what happens.

5. Flip bad luck on its head

Taking a resilient approach to bad luck can actually help you turn bad luck into something good. The famous brain scientist, Jill Bolte Taylor, suffered a stroke before she turned 40. Over the course of the following four hours, she experienced all of her brain function shutting down one by one.

Although it took her eight years to recover, she went on to become a leading researcher into stroke recovery, because she was “able to study losing brain function from the inside out.”

6. Meet good fortune halfway

You need to put effort into whatever you want to achieve. If you do that with confidence, good fortune will kick in during the last phase of the process and carry you forward to your goal and ensuing success.

7. Align goals with your aspirations

This strategy is best explained with an example. If you aspire to be kind to be people, it’s not ideal for you to be involved in a venture that centers on ripping people off. On the other hand, choosing a business opportunity that allows all involved parties to win will put you in alignment with what you true aspiration is.