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Material Love

Rich or poor, makes no difference in finding ways to avoid or dumb down to insufficient love in your life. One of the ways, regardless o...

Rich or poor, makes no difference in finding ways to avoid or dumb down to insufficient love in your life. One of the ways, regardless of wealth, is to be addicted to getting 'things', or the denial thereof. What do they REALLY do for you that more love in your life doesn't have? The answer is that they are a substitute for more love. Deep love for most doesn't come easy, and not that the 'goodies you want' always come easier either, and without sacrifices including seeing them disappear. The material, and usually it's thrill of obtaining, always disappears or fades in importance. ​

Love on the other hand, only disappears in your mind that chooses to recognize that it's always there in your heart or not. People have infinite love within, but due to the mind in conjunction with the heart, most of it will lay as dormant, not used energy! Abracadabra, and the heart opens spilling the glistening feelings of joy and bliss, but only if you are in tune with the relaxing harmonious positioning to life.

It's easy to avoid the emotional, spiritual, conscious meanings of life by chasing and/or acquiring other things, including of course more wealth. While working in Manhattan (NYC) for 20 years, and keeping open to seeking spiritual riches as well as the material ones, I began to enjoy the material quest, and maybe more. Then, the next day, I sat on my 40th floor balcony over looking Central Park and the thousands of tall buildings when an epiphany came to me. Time to walk away! I could see that everyone I knew were getting wealthier too, and often moving to upscale homes in the 'bedroom' class communities. That takes years more of support to pay for the toys which are wonderful, but leaving no time for evolving the inner aspects.

Most around my circle were continuing to march in similar step to a life dedicated to making more, buying more, and avoiding the journey to the deeper things in life. Likely they had little idea beyond having to work, and buy more to lead the 'American dream' that they couldn't see it's called a 'dream' because that's what it is! 'New things' are nice, but when they are life's priority, there will always be a 'gap' between them and your inner spiritual, conscious self. That attitude multiplied by the many, rich or poor, contributes to a world of sheeple who are controlled by their material desires. Those who choose the path of 'love' with the accompanying awareness raise not only their light but the light of humanity which has been in the dark blindness of all history. Time to stop sidestepping love be it loneliness or fear.

It's a new world that repeats being new faster and faster, and mostly through technological marvels. The technological growth is growing at such a fast pace while humanity is evolving at the pace of a turtle. Inevitably, human inner growth will suffer more and more as barriers or distractions continue to de-elevate or dumb down humans to lower sheeple, zombies, or robots. Be a light to yourself, love, and the evolving consciousness of the world. Call it 'giving back' for the blessing of being here at this moment.