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Seven Reasons Insurers Reject Car Accident Claims

  One of the main reasons you buy insurance coverage for your car is to get compensated by your insurer if something happens to your vehicle...


One of the main reasons you buy insurance coverage for your car is to get compensated by your insurer if something happens to your vehicle. Sometimes even after filing a car accident claim, your insurer may fail to compensate you for several reasons. 

Why Your Car Insurance Claim Can Be Rejected

With most insurers, their policies are crystal clear on what you are covered against and how. If you go against any of those policies, you will not get any compensation if anything happens to your car. It will be very stressful and devastating if your insurer fails to take responsibility for your loss after an accident. It is wise to read and understand the policies because failure to abide by those requirements may make you lose compensation. 

Even after insuring your car, you still need to be very careful because ignorance and carelessness will not be compensated. Read on to learn about seven reasons for the rejection of your car insurance claim. 

1. Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is a legal offense, and you will be charged for it in a court of law. Your insurance company will also hold you responsible if you caused an accident and you were driving under the influence of alcohol. If you drink and drive, you are breaching your contract with your insurer, and they will not compensate you in case of an accident. 

2. Fraudulent Claim

If your insurance company notices that you want to dupe them into compensation, they will reject your claim. Exaggerating your damages to receive more compensation may cost you dearly. Your insurer may sue you for filing a fraudulent claim, and you may end up paying them for the costs of investigating your accident.

3. No Evidence of an Accident

For your car accident case to be strong, you will need evidence. For an insurance company to approve compensation, you need to prove that you were involved in an accident. Photos of the accident, your injuries, medical bills and even witnesses may grant you compensation through your insurance company. 

4. Unlicensed Drivers

Some insurance policies will recognize you alone as the driver of your car. If you lend your car to someone unlicensed and they get into an accident or your car is stolen, your insurance company will not compensate you. Your ignorance and carelessness will have cost you.

5. Taking Too Long to File a Claim

Every car insurance company has its time limit in which you should file a claim in case of an accident. If you report your case past the recommended time, you are likely to miss compensation. It is advisable that you immediately file a claim as soon as an accident happens.

6. Not Renewing Your Insurance

Your car will be considered uninsured if you delay renewing your insurance coverage. If you are involved in a car accident when your insurance coverage has expired, you may not be compensated. Uninsured cars are not compensated if something happens to them.

7. Not Disclosing Modifications to Your Car

If you have made any modifications to your car to look good and even improve its performance, it is prudent that you let your insurer know about them. In case of an accident, your insurer will rightly not compensate you if they find out about any modifications that they don't know about.

Honesty Is Critical

When it comes to insurance and compensation, honesty is an essential element. Be careful with your insured car, and abiding by your insurer's requirements will help you when disaster strikes.