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4 Catering Tricks

  The demand for catering has grown exponentially. It has grown by 20% over the past decade. The demand netted $22 billion in 2019, thus ind...


The demand for catering has grown exponentially. It has grown by 20% over the past decade. The demand netted $22 billion in 2019, thus indicating it is a profitable industry for the years to come. 


However, catering is not all just about food. It is all about the amount of detail you put in your work. It is also about how well you work and what your output is. To be a good caterer, you need a sharp skillset. 


Thankfully, we’ve got some tricks and trips that can help you become better at your craft! Read on to find out more! 

Set A Theme

It is not you who will decide what the theme is. Rather, what will determine your theme is the event type or your client’s goals. Your venue might make a difference, too, considering it can set the mood and how many it can hold per person. 


Say you are familiar with the event attendees. You might figure out a pattern based on their demographics. You can explore catering ideas for the demographics of your event, especially since this can help make or break your event. 


In the warmer months, you can go with a BBQ or a Luau. A Utensil dispenser is also something you might need since it can make things easier to get. 

Prep In Advance

The next thing is that you should advance prep the night before or earlier during the same day. By doing this, you can get much of a headstart. It can also stop disrupting your workflow, especially as you get more orders. 


You start with the cold dishes. Salads have fresh ingredients, so they can be delicate to handle. However, you can prep them beforehand, as long as you can keep the salad covered in the fridge or on your countertop. The higher-risk components of the salad, like the Caesar dressing, can go in later, as these components must be included briefly. 


On the other hand, you can give prepping for your veggies and fruits some work. Peel your potatoes, chop the peppers and onions, etc. However, remember to clean and polish the cutlery and dishes and prep extra stuff, too! 


They say the early bird catches the worm, but it works like a charm if you get in an early headstart! If you are having big parties or working during busy nights like Saturdays, it can work to your advantage. That way, you will no longer have to worry about prep tasks and keeping the people waiting. 

Clean As You Go

Separate your materials with chopping boards. Get red for raw meat, blue for raw fish, green for vegetables, and the story continues. 


Clean up as you go, as working in a cluttered environment can be a huge hygiene hazard. It can also be stressful. Throw away the empty packaging and other waste for free space to move around. 


Lastly, it would help if you were mindful of your markup. Your catering markup should be more than the total cost of the ingredients for your menu. Price it out in advance - it will save your client from a last-minute surprise! 

Wrapping Up

Here are some catering tricks and tips to save your time and help you work better! Eat well, serve well - and don’t forget to enjoy the process!