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The Law of Virtual Diaper - Treatment of Ethical Diseases

By Junaid Tahir Yesterday I shared 'The Law of Garbage'

By Junaid Tahir
Yesterday I shared 'The Law of Garbage' with my online community and in response a question was raised by Nihar Taranekar that how to handle a family member who is full of garbage (ill mannered, impatient,  irritated, annoying person). Nihar had a valid point that at some point of time, this garbage pile up (being dumped by him/her) will over load.

To solve this I propose my own law which I call "Law of Virtual Diaper". As the function of a diaper is to absorb the polluted residue and provide a peaceful time to the kid. So in my self-created principal, you have to put on a virtual diaper to the patient (I consider him/her a patient due to the disease of having low Ethical values). When I say putting the diaper on, I mean a daily dose of ethics to be given to the patient.
Below is the elaboration in line with the characteristics of a baby diaper.

1-    Diaper has to be of appropriate size:
The daily dose of Ethics should be of appropriate size. If the patient is very reactive you have to start with smaller quantity and increase it with the passage of time. Dose of Ethics, you have to prepare yourself depending upon the patient type. For example, if the patient does a lot of back-biting you need to talk about dangers of backbiting on daily basis.

2-   Diaper has to ensure comfort
While you are treating your patient in taking the garbage out, your Ethical dose should not harm him, instead give him more peace of mind. Because if your dose triggers the patient's anger then consequences would be out of control. So try to keep the patient in his comfort zone.

3-   Diaper to be changed daily
A daily dose of positivity is very important. Remember, Positivity kills negativity. So ensure daily Ethical dose of propoer amount. But remember, it may take months to take all the garbage out of the patient :)

4-   Diaper has to have high absorption Power
Since it is your virtual diaper which you have put on to someone so your patience level matters a lot here… Try to absorb as much garbage as possible. Read the Law of Garbage again to keep you motivated during the treatmentJ