I often emphasize on the concept that our thoughts give birth to our actions; our repeated actions develop our habits; our habits transform our character and our character leads us to our destiny. I am writing article to focus on the Habit part in general and Habit Development Process in particular.

In my opinion, there are four major influential factors which are the baseline of our Habits Development Process. These are:
a)    The way of Brought up
b)   Education & Vision
c)    Interests
d)   Social Circle

All these factors influence us with different weight at different phases of our life. However, all of our habits are more or less linked back with one (or more) of these four factors.

Let us learn how to develop new habits, how to improve existing good habits and how to get rid of bad habits.  Article by Junaid.Tahir

Strengthening Existing Habits:
When it comes to strengthening of any habit you need encouragement and feedback from others. So ask for the feedback from your closed ones. Sometimes you need self encouragement to keep the spirit high. So, if you are good at something, you need to tell it to yourself quite often so that this can give you inner confidence to strengthen that habit. For example, if you give charity sometimes but you want to make the habit of giving 5% of your salary each month then you need to encourage yourself several times in a month until you develop this habit in a concrete manner. Article written by Junaid.Tahir

Shunning Bad Habits:
If you have a bad habit such as being extravagant, being reactive or short tempered or a smoker then you need to start the mind purification process. When your mind is free from impurities, it starts working on fruitful things. You need to stay away from such companies where you mind is being polluted. For example, if you have the habit of leg pulling, back biting then you really need to work on your surroundings (closed friends, negative acquaintances, polluted souls etc) which are triggering your habit. So Once you have a clean company then you can concentrate on how to improve your personality. You need to list down the side effects of your bad habits and memorize them and repeat them on daily basis. Commitment, Focus and Self-motivation are the keys in getting rid of your bad habits.

Developing New Habits:
As mentioned above, concentrate on the four aspects for the development of new habits. You can study books in your domain, study the characteristics of highly effective people, observe your mentors closely. Self encouragement is equally important.  

If you would like to understand the thought process then click here or here or here.
what are your thoughts on improving your habits and getting rid of bad ones?

0040-mjunaidtahir-paradigmwisdom-01May12- How to Develop Good Habits And Get Rid of Bad Ones

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M Junaid Tahir

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  1. Dear Sir,
    As you are rightly pointing out Education is one of the important aspects that creates habits in human beings. Since we got this British System of Education, our students have got habits of Egoism, Competition and looking down at others . These habits in turn created pride in self, readiness to do anything for winning the Competition and disdain about others.

    According to the educated people Vedas are not worth believing in, since Science does not accept them. With self pride, community can go to hell ('why should I worry'?) and this world is true and I must enjoy till I live here. These habits have killed the speciality of Bhaarat and hence we find that people have acquired hate and dislike for others as well as physical work. Since they have lost faith , they have started considering that whatever they (are told and) understand is knowledge.

    Till about 200 years before there was hardly any hospital in Bhaarat worth its name as well as patients and Doctors were very rare, don't you agree sir that this all is the effect generated from the British Education System imposed on Bhaarat since 1835?
    With regards,
    ------Mukund Apte

  2. Dear boss,
    There is a difference between knowledge and wisdom. The Education Systems give us knowledge not the wisdom, the wisdom is taught by the parents (based on their religious beleifts), wisdom is learnt through self experience, wisdom is acquired by staying in the company of wise people, exploring think tanks and many other ways.
    If the kids now a days do not understand the values to live by, then we cannot solely blame the education system because overall family, the company of kids, parents and somehow society is responsible too.
    While i agree that competition sometimes bad, but if it is healthy competition which encourages the creativity of individuals then its definitely good for the students.

    However things like faith, values, habits, self pride are not solely schools responsibility as you would notice that even in the same class in the same school having same education system, every single child demonstrates different level of such virtues.

    Appreciate your comments