By Junaid Tahir
Companies are becoming more and more concerned about cost optimization, resource tweaking and talent enhancement aspects in order to improve their revenues and services index in the market. One of the key actions is to build effective teams by reducing the 'fats' and by polishing the talented resources. Specifically middle managers are focused by the leadership because they are considered to be the most critical resources of the organization because they are micro managing things by controlling the staff ensuring quality products and services; and on the other side interacting with the senior leadership and transforming their vision into practical tasks.

So managers evaluation is one of the approaches for deciding new trainings, assigning new tasks, retaining/laying off or for annual performance reviews. Usually HR specialists are part of such evaluations but for several SMEs only department head is asked to perform the evaluation. While I was wondering what mechanism must be used by the managers in order to perform evaluation which is fair, honest and transparent, I was able to produce the below:

Personality Trait or Skill
Requires minimum supervision to make things happen?

Has positive attitude? (Problems focused or solution focused?)

Effectively Communicates with teams and management.

Responds/updates swiftly to the management for the assigned task?

Can take decisions independently?

Performs well in stressed circumstances?

Begins with the end in mind? Or work in day to day basis?

Effectively utilizes the given resources?

Has strong follow up with vendors/teams to complete the projects?

Produces effective and easy to understand reports/summaries?

Has knowledge of Technical Domain? (add multiple domains if required)

Develops Strategies by looking at the big picture?

Builds Strong Cohesive Teams by team building skill?

Avoids politics and focus on the projects/goals?

Effectively delegates tasks and ownership to the team members?

Ensures that databases are organized, error free and up to date?

Complies with Company Policies and Procedures?

Explores and learns new techniques and tools? (Self Improvement)

Overall Score
Following table may be used for the sake of marking:

Marks Legend
5 Marks
Demonstrates Always and Encourages Others
4 Marks
Demonstrates Always.
3 Marks
Demonstrates Most of the Times
2 Marks
Demonstrates Sometimes
1 Marks
Demonstrates Rarely
0 Marks
Does not demonstrate

In case, two or more managers are to be compared, then above table can be utilized. In case each manager is required to be evaluated separately then multiple documents for each manager can be generated where detailed talent sustaining and skill polishing strategies can be written down. Please do let me know if you think any skill to be added to the list above.

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  1. thanks that was quite useful for me

    as a manager now i can understand what my mgmt really is looking in me but at the same time i think it is very hard to have all these 18 skills when you are in shoes of a manager

  2. Thats right,
    It takes time to develop all those skills. What I know is that if we keep reading something 5 minutes daily specifically about management we gain a lot. Also spending time with a good manager also gives the opportunity to quickly learn. :)

  3. Thanks for giving informative information. Becoming a manager can be a lonely existence. You are often giving all of yourself for support of your team members without support for yourself. Once you find a mentor, buddy or coach, you can let off some steam and get the support you need in order to become the effective manager that you want to be. You can also learn how not to make as little mistakes as possible learning from others.

  4. Thanks for the share. The evaluation of managers is definitely key for the success of any business since good managers breed good workers. Having monthly evaluations where employees and managers alike answer a business coaching questionnaire like this can really help not only identify areas of improvement but areas of excellence.