Dear Muslim Brothers and Sisters,

Ideally speaking, we, the Muslims, should not maintain such trackers as 5 times prayers is compulsory on us and we should be performing each prayer on time without any reminder. However, being very very week in our Imaan (Faith) we miss a lot of prayers on daily basis. 

So in order to keep track of my prayers I prapared this "Prayers Tracker"  and I personally experienced that  it helped me remind myself again and again to pray on time, perform the missing prayes (Qaza) and improve my stats (as shown in the automatic Summary Sheets. This is why I want to share this excel file with you as well. 

How to get and use it:
1- Please send me an email at so i can share this excel file with you.
2- Please save it on your desktop to use it with convenience. (It is very very easy to use)
3- If you like this template, please send it to other muslims (family, friends, collegues ets) so that other Muslims can get benefit from it. Your little effort of forwarding this tracker may make him/her a Great Muslim for which you will get the jaza from Allah Subhana hu wa taala, in-sha-Allah. 
 3- If you have any suggestions, please write me an email at so that i can address your concerns.
Thanks and jazakAllah,


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  2. This is wonderful contribution.

    durable virtu(Sadq-e-jaariyah)

  3. Also o need this Sheet