The Teacher was walking through the market place with his students. They saw a man dragging a cow by a rope. Teacher told the man to wait and asked his disciples to surround them. “I am going to teach you something” and continued...

“Tell me who is bound to whom? Is the cow bound to this man or the man is bound to the cow?

The students said without hesitation “Of course the cow is bound to the man!. The man is the master. He is holding the rope. The cow has to follow him wherever he goes. The man is the master and the cow is the slave.”

“Now watch this”, said the teacher and took a pair of scissors from his bag and cut the rope. The cow ran away from the master and the man ran after his cow. “Look, what is happening”, said the Teacher .

 “Do you see who the Master is? The cow is not at all interested in this man. The cow in fact, is trying to escape from this man.” This is the case with our mind.

Like the cow, all the non-sense that we carry inside is not interested in us. We are interested in it, we are keeping it together somehow or the other. We are going crazy trying to keep it all together under our control.

The moment we lose interest in all the garbage filled in our head, and the moment we understand the futility of it, it will start to disappear. Like the cow, it will escape and disappear.” We can allow disappearing of all the unwanted things from our mind and feel relaxed.

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  1. Dear sir,

    I have been reading your beautiful posts. Today's post/story of The Cow and Its Owner is originally from the mystic teachings of famous sufi Junaid Baghdadi who would take his students to marketplace for teaching spirituality.

    I have been reading spiritual discourses of our sufi masters very earnestly. However, today, I do not see them, like old masters, observing phenomena they come across in daily life. Reality is always available but it looks that we are absent. Self study and that of surrounding is foremost requirement to be a good teacher. To me reading and quoting books can make one a good scholar but not a good sufi/teacher.



  2. ​You are absolutely right, Jaffer.

    The reality is available but we are absent. In fact the monitory/greed based ​competitive life style has taken us far away from such wisdom. In deed, in today's' world its rarely seen people practicing and teaching the divine knowledge on spirituality.

    Considering human body comprising of physical and spiritual part, it is equally important for us to feed our soul just like we feed our bodies. Our souls get enriched with reading, observing, practicing, teaching and spreading such soft wisdom traits.

    You may want to learn a recent post on "Empowering ourselves through Prayers"

    thanks for your comments,