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Story: Manage your appearance

By  Junaid Tahir A famous scholar was delivering the lecture to some people. He had pain in his knee joints so h...

By Junaid Tahir
A famous scholar was delivering the lecture to some people. He had pain in his knee joints so he was sitting on a chair as his audience was aware of this knee pain. After sometime a person in a nice suit and overall decent looking personality came and asked to join. The scholar didn't find it appropriate to continue delivering the lecture in sitting position so he stood up and continued his lecture. Though he had pain in the knees but he was patient thinking that the recently joined person is a noble, wise and educated personality.
After a few moments, the person interrupted the scholar and asked, what is the time to take breakfast? The scholar wasn't expecting this stupid question so he politely said, you can take any time in the morning you wake up. The person said, what if I wake up at 2 o'clock. The scholar thought that it's time to sit on the chair again because his perception about the person was no more the same as it was some minutes ago :)

The concept here is that your first looks matter a lot. The people you meet usually make the perception about your personality up to a degree of 70%. Although this story ended up as a disaster for the scholar however had this been the case that newly joined person didn't speak, he would have made a great impression on the whole class !

However, making a good impression doesn't mean that you have to be in a costly tuxedo or a high end car; you can still make a good impression by being decent and simple. A neat appearance, a politely started conversation, a strong hand shake, a humble voice and a warm good-bye will increase your respect a lot regardless of your financial situation, your education level and your professional or business position.  Remember the fact that human psychology, most of the time, follows the standard mental paradigms and common sense logics; which simply means that a good appearance will make a good impression. If you understand this basic concept, you can make a great deal out of it in your day to day life.

Having said that life is not about first impressions only. You need to meet same people again and again which means you need to have long term impression on others which requires you to demonstrate strong personality traits. This primarily involves your communication skills, your emotional and empathic skills and  consistent behavior.

Always remember that your character is your real wealth and you must endeavor to improve this in every single aspect of your life. Below are some recommended articles in this context: