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Do You Judge People Fairly?

By Junaid Tahir Once upon a time, three blind kids who have never heard of an elephant, were taken nea...

By Junaid Tahir
Once upon a time, three blind kids who have never heard of an elephant, were taken near to the elephant. First kid who touched the elephant from the tail commented that elephant is hairy and thin. Second kid who touched the elephant from legs concluded that elephant is very fat and  unmovable thing. Third kid who touched the elephant from the trunk said that elephant is a curvy moving object. Do you think any of the kid said the right thing? Do you think that instant comments by any kid was a right approach? Do you think you behave just like blind kids, that is, giving instantaneous conclusive comments about people instead of judging them properly. In fact, sometimes you behave worst than that. You associate things with people which are never supposed to be concluded in that way. Sometimes you do character assassination of people and put their respect on stake. Isn't it unfair? So how to judge people? Here are some points to be considered:

1-    Be positive. Even if you notice any negative thing about someone. Don't conclude about it. There is a chance your brain is thinking against the reality. Don't let your brain cook bad curry. Explore the negative observation extensively but avoid spying on someone. Be straight and be upfront.
2-   Physical appearance is not everything. Don't judge people by their looks. A person in normal clothes and in a normal vehicle might be better than a person in brand new Mercedes or BMW. On the contrary, a rich man can also be equally a great person.
3-   When judging people look for the Ethical richness  such as honesty, truthfulness, simplicity, behavior, friendliness, down-to-earth attitude etc. 
4-    A fly will always sit on the dirty and rotten part of the tomato. Never do this in your life. Every person has good and bad habits. Look at the positive side of things. If you feel something wrong, talk about it but don't spread negative info about someone. Hate the bad habit, not the person.

Judging a person does not define who they are… it defines who you are !!!

Junaid Tahir

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