The ABC’s of the spiritual path is to Always_Be_Conscious!
There are certain behaviors that demonstrate one being on
 a spiritual path (not necessarily in any order):

     •Be loving
     •Be communicative
     •Be humble
     •Be compassionate
     •Be thankful
     •Be helpful to others
     •Be one to convert negative to positive
     •Be empathetic
     •Be of good humor and with the ability to laugh
     •Be forgiving
     •Be trustworthy and trusting
     •Be tolerant
     •Be non judgmental
     •Be friendly
     •Be open to change
     •Be open to letting go
     •Be kind to all
     •Be aware if using ‘skillful means’ in all situations
     •Be conscious especially in negative situations
     •Be mindful of eating healthily
     •Be healthy in all endeavors
     •Be open to meditations to elevate the spirit
     •Be sincere
     •Be a good listener
     •Be excited
     •Be positive, say yes to all without ignoring the negative
     •Be honest
     •Be happy
     •Be Free
     •Be the real you inside, while always improving the mask you wear on the outside
     •Be insightful
     •Be in celebration
     •Be of the mind to always count your blessings
     •Be the one that is an example for the world to see as the new conscious man or woman
     •Be in search of truth not stopping at beliefs
Source: Unknown  

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