The pessimist finds fault;
The optimist discovers a remedy.
The pessimist seeks sympathy;
The optimist spreads cheer.
The pessimist criticizes circumstances;
The optimist changes conditions.
The pessimist complains about the apple seeds;
The optimist plants them.
The pessimist imagines impending dangers;
The optimist sees signs of prosperity.
The pessimist disparages;
The optimist encourages.
The pessimist creates loneliness;
The optimist finds friends.
The pessimist nibbles at the negative;
The optimist is nourished by the positive.
The pessimist builds barriers;
The optimist removes roadblocks.
The pessimist invents trouble;
The optimist enriches the environment

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  1. These proverbs will be perfect if every thing goes as u wish to b happy or else opposite

  2. practicing these skills will start putting you in the right perspective of things, bringing solutions to the problems, establishing harmony in your relations and daily circumstances.... At first it may sound difficult to practice but yet worth trying...