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Magnetize your Mind

​ Author: Robert Elias Najemy The mind is like a plastic bag, or a piece of cellophane, with which we wrap objects. The bag...

The mind is like a plastic bag, or a piece of cellophane, with which we wrap objects. The bag, or the cellophane, takes the form of its contents. If the contents are long and slim, it becomes long and slim.
If the contents are round, it becomes round. If the contents are square, it becomes square.

The mind does not have its own shape. It takes on the shape of its contents, of our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, needs, desires, habits, expectations etc. Our mind is gradually formed into a specific mental, or personality, type by its various, temporary contents. Thus, if we have a continuous flow of negative thoughts, or feelings, or weakness, inability, fear, danger, hurt or anger, our mind takes this form and becomes crystallized around this type of thinking and functioning.

But, in reality, the mind has no form of its own. It can be changed by changing its contents. We can start putting positive thoughts of faith, self-confidence, self-acceptance, happiness, optimism, love etc., and our mind will gradually be reformed into this new way of thinking and feeling. What we will put into our mind and how we would like to form it, it is up to us. We must remember, however, that it is very easy to become the victim of a crystallized mind. It can be gradually decrystallized and reformed. But few people realize this and make the necessary effort, and thus are victims of their own negatively formed minds.

Choose the type of mind you would like to have.

Magnetize your Mind
There is an interesting phenomenon in the physics of a magnet and its effect on a piece of iron. In order to understand this phenomenon, we must first realize that a magnet is simply a piece of ordinary iron with one simple difference: the iron molecules are all aligned with their poles oriented in the same direction. This unified alignment and polarity allows them to create a magnetic field, which gives them a power which simple pieces of iron do not have, since their molecules are neither aligned in the same direction nor are all their poles similarly oriented.
However, every time a simple piece of iron comes into contact with a magnet it is slightly changed. Being subjected to that magnetic force, cause a few iron molecules to realign themselves with the same polarity in the same direction. That simple piece of iron after each contact with a magnet becomes a little more of a magnet. If we allow it to remain in contact with a magnet for many hours, or bring it into contact with the magnet many times for shorter periods of time, the iron will permanently become a magnet.

The same is true concerning the relationship between the mind - personality and the soul. The soul is like the magnet. It has special qualities of peace, love, spiritual clarity, unconditional love, inner strength, inspiration and fulfillment. When the mind or personality come into contact with the soul, or inner self, while in meditation or prayer, they temporarily obtain these qualities. But when one ceases to meditate or pray, the mind begins to function again based on old programmings.

It may seem that we have done nothing or that we have no benefit. The truth is that the mind has been changed, to some small degree, by each contact with our inner peace, with our soul. The mind is gradually oriented in a more spiritual direction, gaining clarity and becoming more powerful. Each meditation or prayer session leaves us more reoriented and our mind a little more powerful.
Just as we can magnetize a piece of iron, we can spiritualize our mind.
Robert E. Najemy, author of 25 books and life coach with 30 years of experience, has trained over 300 life coaches and now does so over the Internet. Over 600 free articles, lectures, relaxation and positive projection as mp3 audio. Become a life coach. At