A story of this very old woman who is in her last days of life struggling for her livelihood daily in order to earn 2 meals a day . She can barely see, despite of this she is independent & used to sell vegetables daily in the town "CHANDAUSI" of district "SAMBHAL" (Uttar pradesh ) where she come daily from her village " Gumthal" which is 10 km far away from "CHANDAUSI".

When I asked her that being so old why she work in this age she replied that there is no one at her home to look after her so she has to earn for her survival. When I asked about her age she said that she don't know as her parents left her when she was a little child. She is neither getting widow pension nor pension for old people or any sort of help. 

Its my humble request to everyone to share this story as many times you can so she can be Helped and also many others like her. 
Story Sent by Vibhu ​

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