As human beings we have been given a wonderful gift. Our incredible minds and internal spirits are housed in a body that enables us to physically connect with this beautiful planet we inhabit. We are able to see, hear, taste, smell, and feel through our bodies and convey all those senses to our minds and souls so that we may learn and grow and ultimately evolve.

The human body serves us the best to its ability, everyday of our lives, allowing us to breathe in the oxygen that is our life force, most of the time without us even having to thinking about it. That breath fuels a complex system that not only allows our body to function, but to renew itself. Our bodies actually have the capacity to remake themselves at a cellular level every seven years. That we can heal from major injury, severe illness, and physical trauma is a feat that we often take for granted. When the mind and spirit are one with the body, our ability to heal ourselves is truly miraculous.

The conditions to which we humans are able to adapt are beyond that of many other creatures on our planet. Our bodies continuously cleanse toxins from our system, whether environmental or self-induced. We push them beyond their limits to perform incredible feats, jumping to heights unimaginable, running at speeds that break records, and bending into yoga postures that are beyond comprehension. Even without sleep and nourishment our bodies continue to function until there is no more to give. When one of our senses or organs cease functioning, others are quick to step up to the plate and compensate for any loss. If we lose our eyesight, our hearing and/or other senses become more astute. When one kidney can no longer function, the other does the job for both of them. The human body is an incredible team that is on our side in the game of life.

We are blessed to be here, now, as human beings that can bring love and compassion to all the creatures we share this earth and universe with. Honor your being and use it to do good. The spirit and mind are willing, and so too, is the body.


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