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Bodily Imperfections: Tips to Reducing the Appearance of Scars, Moles, and More

Bodily Imperfections: Tips to Reducing the Appearance of Scars, Moles, and More There are only a few people that reach adulthoo...

Bodily Imperfections: Tips to Reducing the Appearance of Scars, Moles, and More

There are only a few people that reach adulthood without having some sort of surface imperfection that they wish they could get rid of. Be it scars from childhood, a mole, broken veins, stretchmarks or genetics, they can be a real damper on your self-confidence. Depending on how significant the imperfections are, they can cause you to shy away from certain times of year (like warmer months), eliminate certain items from your wardrobe and even avoid social events. If your bodily imperfections have got you feeling down, you'll love these tips on how to erase (or significantly reduce them).


Scars are certainly no fun to look at. Though they might depict a story of childhood bike accidents or teenage clumsiness, walking around with scars on your body may make you feel less attractive. To remedy this situation, you should try utilizing exfoliating ingredients such as salicylic acid and glycolic acid as they can reduce the appearance of your scars. Other options would include pigment lightening products that have hydroquinone and kojic acid.


Though beauty icons like Marilyn Monroe and Cindy Crawford have made moles more of a beauty mark, they don't all look so glamorous and small. If you've got a mole on your face or anywhere on your body that's driving you crazy, you can purchase a natural mole removal product. Applying it several times a day will help to reduce the appearance of unsightly moles.

Before trying to treat your own moles, however, it is important to speak with a doctor or dermatologist if:

·  The mole changes size, color or shape

·  The mole causes itchiness, bleeding, or has a crusty surface

·  The mole has an asymmetrical border

These could be signs of skin cancer, which would require proper treatment.

Stretch Marks

When the body starts to grow faster than the skin can accommodate, it creates stretch marks. This tends to happen during pregnancy, puberty, sudden weight gain, or when building muscle. Though most stretch marks will fade over time, the appearance can be enough to make you feel insecure. The issue with treating stretch marks is that some dermatologists believe that they're treatable and others do not. Treatments that seem to have the most affect include cocoa butter, jojoba oil, and vitamin E.

Vein Issues

Spider and thread veins are another bodily imperfection we'd wish would go away. They are essentially veins that have been stretched out. They then fill up with blood causing them to be visible under the skin. Laser treatment is available for those who are interested in removing the appearance of these veins.

You may even suffer from varicose veins. These are veins that are present in the leg area, and are the direct result of some form of malfunction in the valve of the veins. If you're dealing with a mild case of varicose veins, you can have a saline solution injected into the vein. It causes the vein to restrict. In moderate to severe cases, you will have to schedule to have the vein closed off or removed.

Hand Warts

If you've had or have ever been in contact with someone who has had human papilloma virus, you can get warts. The good news is that warts are treatable. Salicylic acid can help to dissolve warts. You can also have them removed through cosmetic laser surgery. While warts can return with a vengeance, it is important to practice proper hygiene when engaging with others.

While many of the blemishes, bumps, and bruises we develop over the years can be treated with proper skin care routines, over-the-counter medications, and home remedies, there are times when you need to consult a skin care professional. As you try each of the above tips for eliminating or reducing the appearance of bodily imperfections, be sure to try one treatment at a time so that you don't irritate the skin any further. With the right regimen and a little time, you'll start to feel a lot better about the skin you're in.