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A generic checklist for a project manager

1. My project has clear Business Objective and Quality Goals. 2. My project has an Estimate/ B...

1. My project has clear Business Objective and Quality Goals.

2. My project has an Estimate/ Budget, which is formally approved by a responsible authority/ project sponsor.

3.My team members (including vendor/partner teams where applicable) are aware of their roles. They are skilled and adequately trained.

4. Risks involved in my project are clearly documented. I discuss the Risk Matrix with my Project sponsor frequently. (At least once every 20 days).

5. My project progress is formally reviewed. I review every week and my sponsor reviews it every fortnight/month. I can show progress reports and minutes of the reviews.

6. I analyze performance against Quality Goals.

7. My team is enthusiastic about working on the project.

8. I have set up clear issue resolution & escalation mechanisms in place - to address potential issues & conflicts within the team and with the client.

9. I am always in control of project scope. I have mapped my requirements documents with project proposal. I have implemented a formal Change management in my project.

10. My project scope can be verified from requirements document, and with help of bi-directional traceability document.

11. I have taken internal audit, work product audit and configuration audit recently (not more than a month back) (applicable in case your company has audits in place)

12. The work break down structure/project plan that I currently have reflects the latest schedule, formally agreed upon by myself, my delivery head and my customer.

13. I ensure all work products are technically reviewed before they are put to use (for development/solution configuration) or passed on to customer

14. The project I manage currently reports less than 5% variance on schedule, effort, cost /budget variance and defects. (Or any other target your company may prescribe)

15. I always ensure there is sufficient knowledge transfer every time my team set up changes.

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16. All deliverables that require internal or client approvals have such approvals in place. Such deliverables are used downstream post approval.