I came to the United States in 1997 from Palestine, and I was 5.  So I went to ESL to learn English in elementary school.  After learning and somewhat not progressing fast enough, I took this English grammar test and I absolutely bombed it. 

It was horrible and I felt very bad that I failed miserably.  My self-esteem went down because I was thinking, "man, I don't belong here".  As a 7-9 year old kid, this took a toll on me because
se I felt like a disappointment.  My teacher talked to my mother, and I will never forget this, instead of my mother criticizing me or being too disappointed, all she said was "it's ok, but I know you are smart and you can do better".  I felt relief that I was not going to be yelled at.  This boosted me, and today I am a Research Specialist --- reading and writing research papers.  So, being positive does really help, especially for children because children remember.

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