Many people are praying for a miracle in their lives. They're saying, 'God please send me a friend.

​ ​
God help me with these children. God help me with my finances. God I need a good break.'
​ ​

We need to realize that we can become the answer to their prayer.
God uses people. We are His resources.

He brings people across someones' path so that those people can be the answer to someones' prayer.

You may not realize it, but you are a miracle waiting to happen.

  • Somebody is lonely. They're praying for a friend.You're the miracle they're waiting.
  • Somebody got a bad medical report. They're worried and praying.'God please send me a sign, let me know You're still in control.' You are that sign.
  • ​Someone on the road is hungry, become a miracle for him.
  • A simple phone call to say, 'I am thinking about you.' and you just became their miracle.
  • Someone needs clothes. Become a miracle for him.
  • And there are hundreds of ways becoming Miracle for someone. (look around in your society) 
Someone needs fees for his kids. Become a miracle for him

Remember: You are the ANSWER to somebody's prayers.
If you start becoming miracle for someone, Miracles will start happening in your life !
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  1. very true sir. All your messages are excellent and motivating. God has sent you for a purpose and I am blessed to receive the wisdom from you.