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9 Body Language Mistakes that Ruin Your Interview

  When it comes to getting a new job, every effort to be the best option will always be worth. But sometimes the body can betray him in...


When it comes to getting a new job, every effort to be the best option will always be worth. But sometimes the body can betray him in certain situations. So be careful!

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1. Do not make eye contact:
The worst and the worst of all. You feel more nervous, this is one of the first signs that tell an interviewer that you are not sure and demonstrate little interest and attention span. If those who feel you can not keep a look, previously prepare for your interview and try to keep at least 10 seconds , the look of the person
2. Poor posture:
depending on how you sit in the chair, will be a key pair that you will give your interviewer. If those who are "scatters" can appear as someone arrogant and lazy. Look feel comfortable, trying to keep your back straight and shoulders back. . If this position does not like it, just keep your chin and right arms in a comfortable position

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3. Horseplay:

with a pen, watch , or any other object that has at its disposal. The meaning is clear: anxiety. And this is something that most companies do not want on your payroll, because they are people who can not get to have low productivity rates. . And again, it's all about the ability to concentrate that you can get to have
4. Do not smile:
so say it is definitely something that is not given to you. This is simply an indication of "the level of bad temper" or how willing he is to be known. A smile does is show a person as someone warm and friendly that you can establish good working relations.

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5. Aim:
It is a gesture that definitely puts a barrier between people who are interacting and depending on how point, it may be an indication that it is a "bossy" person who is not willing to listen to the views of the the rest. Undoubtedly, it is a very aggressive gesture.
6. Very strong handshake:
or very weak. Either one might say a lot about you. Even to the same position in which you reach out , it is a sign of his personality: down, indicates arrogance; as well as provide the forearm instead of the hand. . Remember that the ideal is that it is always sideways, pointing towards the person and force a just lasting no more than 10 seconds

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7. Arms crossed:
the obvious is shown as someone who is on the defensive and putting resistance. Even, depending on the position in which it does, it is also sending the message to be a faithless and arrogant person, which obviously puts a barrier to your interviewer has the mood of wanting to know more.
8. Feeling restless:
and start looking at the ceiling, play with your hair or touching your face. These can reach interpreted as gestures of indifference to the interview and distraction. There are some that are passable and shown as "nerves" in the interview, but when they are very consistent, the omen is not good.
9. Position of the hands:
either they are behind your back or hidden in pockets or in your jacket, does not send a good signal to your interviewer. This has to do above all with a theme of trust and shown as someone who is unsociable or have things to hide. Leave them on your lap or on the table and move them only when you want to talk about something particular. Yes, without error 5.
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