Courtesy of the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation
Courtesy of the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation

A growing list of acts of kindness. Scroll down for links to related websites, articles, and books.

  • Buy something for someone behind you in line (pay for a meal in the drive-through, buy a cup of coffee, etc.)
  • Reach out to someone you haven't spoken to in a long time
  • Bring a treat to a neighbor or coworker
  • Donate time or money to a local charity
  • Smile at a minimum of five people
  • Hold the door open for someone
  • Pick up trash on your street
  • Let the person behind you in line go ahead of you
  • Go through your closet and find several items to donate to charity
  • Share your umbrella with someone who doesn't have one
  • Refrain from making negative comments for a week
  • Tell someone who works for the public—a teacher, police officer, nurse, mail carrier, etc.—how much you appreciate his or her service
  • Find out what item your nearest animal shelter needs, and donate it
  • Offer to babysit for free for a family you know
  • Write a letter to someone who made an impact on you
  • Leave your waiter/waitress a generous tip
  • Offer to do some yard work for a neighbor
  • Look someone straight in the eye, ask them how they are, and then really listen
  • Organize a mini-food drive for the local food bank on your block or in your building
  • Set a goal to compliment at least five people today
  • Tell a teacher how much you appreciate him or her
  • If someone you know lost a loved one in the past year, send then a note or some flowers to let them know you are thinking about him or her as they mourn the loss
  • Take a container of homemade soup to a sick friend
  • Plant a few flowers where others can enjoy them
  • Shop at a locally-owned business and find something encouraging to say to the owner
  • Write a few inspirational sayings on cards and leave them in public places for others to find
  • Park at the back of the parking lot; you get more exercise and someone who might need it gets a closer spot!
Source: goodneighborstories

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