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The Health of a Group or a Team

Suppose there are twenty friends, who approve of each other, who are very happy with each other.   Then even the most meaningless jok...

Suppose there are twenty friends, who approve of each other, who are very happy with each other.
Then even the most meaningless joke will evoke happy laughter. All get the happy relaxed face, the enjoyment of benign synergy, everyone listening to the other and smiling not at what one actually hears, but smiling in anticipation. The health of a society can be gauged on the basis of the prevalence of groups that collectively laugh and where one finds the members of the group whose faces wear a smile.
On the other hand suppose the members are basically disapproving of each other. Then even the funniest joke creates only a tepid reluctant smile. The smile will vanish instantly. In such a group manufacture of any grievance, becomes very easy and one finds agitations,vandalism,destruction,riots,the use of imagination for vituperation, never answering a question straight but changing the topic, hogging all the time for own outburst passed off as discourse...
The dominant fear in such societies is the fear of disapproval. As a result one never talks openly, but only tactfully.
Now where does one find the carefree smile? We find it mainly in communities that live in nature, where nature is blooming and prospering.
And where do we find people who are neurotic, diabetic, suffering from BP, always anxious, unable to sit relaxed but only in hurry. It is in our industrialized societies where people get imprisoned in the concrete jungles with pollution spewing vehicles, sounds of people quarrelling or marketing and bargaining...all propelled by only one emotion---anxiety as a hormonal system. And we call this advancement and development!!!!!!!
The deception called development is made acceptable by what is called the increase in economic growth, now a euphemistic adjective is also added to this phrase---the JOBLESS growth, a euphemism for the loot of livelihoods and nature. In this model of development, millions of employees become redundant,forests,rivers,lakes,beaches,the flora and fauna, get extinguished permanently...the very capacity or faculty of smile vanishes. Blind anger, in search of some reason to explode for venting, lies, below the surface. When the people lose livelihoods, and when they are not even allowed to save by tax on fake income with the term income itself left undefined, giving the power to damn any receipt as income, when loot becomes politics...,it is the road to anarchy and social depression.
Can we destroy our geography and prosper? We desperately need the blooming forests, rivers, the flora and fauna, to create livelihoods, to create the songs, dances, music,...the sense of happy belonging. Development or profit must mean profit to the environment, to the ecosphere, to the society and most unimportantly to the trader. Our system of accounting and book keeping must change to the holistic model.