God has amazing principles of abundance. Any normal human being can get exposed to such principles by exerting positive efforts with pure intention into the right perspective. Extensive scholarly studies clearly portray that the root level principle of abundance and spirituality is to love and serve the creatures of God. His creatures are not limited to Humans only. A bird in your window, the cat in your house, the stray dogs and every single breathing thing, including trees is creature of God. God multiplies His blessings when someone loves His creatures.

Spirituality is usually taken as a complex, not-easy-to-understand thing whereas in my opinion you are already a spiritual person: 

1- when you do things purely for the sake of God, without any greed. 2- when you serve His creatures without any expectation (money, respect or any other benefit) .
3- when you have a big heart to offer your serices whenever and wherever required, no matter big or small.
4- when you want to add value into someones life.
5- when you want to resolve someone's unhappy situation.

On the contrary, some of us are self-centered people, not concerned about others feelings and needs. We should understand that all the God-given blessings and qualities we have, are ​like ice. While the ice is melting (as the age factor), the coolness of ice should not be limited to ourselves instead our ice should cool down someone's 'hot jug'. When we distribute what we have, God multiplies His blessings and adds more! When we surprise others, God surprises us. Needless to mention that God's surprises are far beyond the level of our comprehensions.

The crux of this article is to make a concrete committment to ourselves to spread small happiness from today and start the great journey towards an awesome blessed life!

Things to do:
I will put genuince efforts in the following domains:
1- serving my family, relatives and friends with the best intention.
​2- adding value to the lives of orphans, widows and poors.
3- expanding my horizon to serve the society with time, money and efforts.
4- Encouraging my fellow beings and bring them to the journey of spiritualism. 

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