When he received one of his recent awards, Ronaldo dedicated it to a certain person Albert Fantrau. Then hé said: "Yes, I am a great footballer today and all my success is thanks to my friend Albert."

People looked at each other and said, "Who is this Mr. Fantrau?" as nobody heard of this name before.

Then Ronaldo went on: "We played together in a youth Team. When Sporting's Recruiters came to observe us, they told us that the attacker who scored the most goals will be recruited in the Sporting Lisbon Academy. That day we had won 3-0. I scored the first goal and then Albert scored the 2nd in the lead. And then the 3rd goal was the one that impressed everyone. Albert started in the wing, then found himself face to face with the goalkeeper, dribbled the keeper and all he had to do, was to push the ball into the empty goals. In the meantime I ran to his side .... And instead of shooting in goal, Albert decided to pass the ball to me and I scored. This is how I find myself at the Sporting Lisbone's Academy. After the match I went to him and asked him, 'Why did you do that?' And he replied, 'Because I know that you are better than me'."

Curious to know more, the Journalists went to inquire and were able to meet this Albert Fantrau to ask him if the story told by Ronaldo is true, and he confirmed it, adding that his footballer's career had ended after that match as it was the only opportunity he had to become professional and since then he has remained without employment. 

However, journalists, observing his luxurious house and his Mercedes car parked in the garage, asked Albert, "But being unemployed how could you have such a house and car so luxurious? You look pretty comfortable materially!"

Albert's response: "All right, ALL these are Ronaldo's Gifts.''

Let us ask ourselves the following question: how many of us have ever done something similar to that of Ronaldo and Albert? 

On the contrary, many of us are guilty of the opposite of this story: chastity, egoism and ingratitude.

Let's help each other so that we are proud of the successes of our brothers / sisters / friends / relatives.

And when one helps us to succeed, this person should never forget the people who have contributed to this success in life.

And above all, never forget that God is watching us

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