what we want to do in life or what we want to achieve, we feel excited and eager to start setting goals and planning how we are going to achieve them. But there are a number of fundamental mistakes that many people make while defining their goals and expectations, sometimes unconsciously, which can bring with them frustrations and disappointments that can impair the ability to succeed and achieve self-realization. Therefore, if you are in the process of self-realization, it is important that you recognize the 7 mistakes that should be avoided when setting goals.

1. Thinking too narrow

2. Being occupied with status and prestige instead of your drive

3. Believing that the realization of goals will bring happiness

In spite of the joy that envelops us upon achieving our goals, we must not hang our happiness on success alone. We often tend to walk a path that leads to goal-achievement and believe that as soon as we “conquer the summit” we’ll begin to live and enjoy life. However, this is a waste of time and energy because happiness and inner peace shouldn’t be based on goal-achievement. In other words, you must make sure that your goals will make you happier than you are, and not make it the source of your happiness in general.

4. Setting too many goals

7. Setting unrealistic expectations 

Another mistake that many of us tend to make is setting unrealistic expectations. This doesn’t mean that we can’t successfully carry out the task, but that we may be planning our course of action illogically. For example, you may not have allotted enough time to achieve your goal, which can lead to a sense of failure and make you give up the idea altogether.
Therefore, it is important that you learn how to set realistic goals so that you can realize those expectations. As you build your plan of action, try to figure out how much time each task should take, and schedule accordingly without excessive pressure which can damage the final result.
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