Our Treasures

Within us are a lot of treasures - the treasures of thoughts, time and virtues that we have not been using fully. The power within enables us to recognize and use these treasures in a worthwhile way. The more we are able to work with them we find them increasing. We need to remind ourselves of the treasures within us and try and discover which treasure we have that we can work on. Even if we think of a simple specialty of ours which we could make use of, we would find it increasing and we would find others benefiting too.

The Mental Periscope 

This is the ability of the intellect to come out, observe, understand and initiate appropriate action and, when necessary, go back inside and be calm and still. This act of taking the thoughts inside is called introspection and in this introspective state the self can re-energize, examine, reflect and refine, or just be completely still - whatever it may wish to do in that state of silence. When the intellect uses its capacity as a periscope, it is able to find a balance between the inside and outside worlds.

Effective meditation means to gather the positive resources of the inner self and then use them in the outer world.

It is important to remain neither too much inside, nor too much outside, but constantly to create a balance between the inner and outer realities. Meditation resembles the cyclic path of energy: going from the inside out and then from the outside in, gathering information, or experiences that we need to reflect on, or understand better. On other occasions, it may be a question of recharging our minds with positivity and peace: we go inside and, with the practice of silence, the battery becomes re-energized.

Article source: Unknown
Picture Credit: Pixabay

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