The maths teacher wrote ‘1000’ on the board and asked
The student who was constantly disturbing the class,

‘How much is this ?”

Confident, yet embarrassed by the simplicity of the question, the boy replied, “One thousand”.

Now the teacher added a zero to the right and pointing at ‘10000’ asked, “How much is this?”

“Ten thousand” came the prompt reply.

Now the teacher added another zero, but this time to the left of ‘1’ and pointing at ‘010000’ again enquired, “How much now?”

“The same…. Ten thousand”, the boy replied.

The teacher smiled, winked and then said,

“When an insignificant number follows a significant number, it gains value.

When the same insignificant number tries to go ahead of the significant number, then it has no value.

So is the relationship between a teacher and a student.

When a student follows the teacher, he gains value.

The other way round… well, I don’t want to state the obvious.

The greatness of a coach is to show the player how capable he is. The greatness of a player is to live up to the capability he has been shown.

We need someone outside of us to guide us. They are the mirrors that reflect us to ourselves, that show us the strengths with which we can fight our weaknesses.

We need coaches to sharpen our skills.
We need teachers to expand our knowledge.
We need gurus to realise our spiritual self.

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