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5 Adorable Tiny Houses That May Inspire You to Downsize!

Although the average American house is about 2,600 square feet, tiny houses tend to have only 100 to 400 square feet, yet, the ‘tiny house’ ...

Although the average American house is about 2,600 square feet, tiny houses tend to have only 100 to 400 square feet, yet, the ‘tiny house’ movement is sweeping a certain part of the population, for many reasons. For some people, building a tiny house makes good financial sense, others feel compelled to downsize because of environmental concerns, and for another group of people, tiny houses give them much more freedom and time to do what they really want.

So, if you remain unconvinced of the practicality of upping sticks and moving into a relative hovel, compared to your current abode, these stunning modern tiny houses with all modern conveniences may just change your mind. These homes aren’t just for the young either, with around 2/5 of all tiny house owners aged over fifty.

Here are 5 tiny but very impressive houses:
1. An Award-Winning Tiny House

Name: Minim House
Size: 262 square feet
Cost: $71,000

This cozy little home manages to fit a lot inside, and it looks stunning.

Its key features include: An open-spaced and multifunctional living room area, solid walnut flooring, stainless steel worktops, a table, and a platform bed.

2. A Luxury Dream

Name: Alpha from New Frontier Tiny Homes
Size: 240 square feet
Cost: $95,000

Although the price is a bit steep for a tiny home, when you consider the luxury on offer, it’s offers extraordinary value. I feel very tempted by this home. What about you?

Its key features include: Charred cedar siding, reclaimed wooden wall and ceiling, shiplap interior, a king-sized loft, an oak library ladder, a stainless-steel farmhouse sink, granite countertops, a full-size jacuzzi (!), shower, and subway tiles.

3. An Affordable Option

Name: Escape Vista Sport
Size: 110 square feet (160-square-foot, 219-square-foot, 240-square-foot, and 319-square-foot models are also available)
Cost: $29,800

For those just starting out, for example a young married couple, this exciting little home could be a great first step.

Its key features include: Panoramic window views, a queen bed with storage underneath, maple cabinets, a hideaway sink and stove, a solid butcher block table, an undercounter fridge freezer, a 32-inch shower, toilet, and LED lighting.

4. An Eco-Conscious Tiny Turnkey Home

Name: Greenmoxie
Size: 340 square feet
Cost: $65,000

For those who are motivated by environmental concerns about our planet, this could be the perfect tiny home.

Its key features include: Off-grid capacity of 11kW storage and 1kW solar PV, a water recovery system on the roof, an electric drawbridge deck, reclaimed wooden ceiling, birch shelving and bench.

5. A DIY Enthusiast’s Option

Name: The Shonsie from 84 Lumber
Size: 154 square feet, plus the loft
Cost: From $6,884 for trailer and plans; from $22,884 for trailer, plans, and shell; from $59,884 for a move-in ready build

For those who want to see the project done themselves, and haven’t yet built their own tiny house, the Shonsie offers several different plans.

Its key features include: A sliding barn door, a rolling library ladder, storage compartment in the ceiling, a folding dining room table, full shower, LED lights.

Bonus: Some Cool Facts About Tiny Houses

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