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High Speed Drying Of Large Volumes In Dryer

High Speed Drying Of Large Volumes In Dryer The requirements of high speed dryer in commercial laundry operations are unique. Unlike t...

High Speed Drying Of Large Volumes In Dryer

The requirements of high speed dryer in commercial laundry operations are unique. Unlike the typical domestic or home laundry requirements, commercial laundry operations are typically non-stop and with extended cycles. This means that the machines need to be heavy duty and work for a very long time without downtimes. And the machines need to operate at high speed and offer the advantage of higher ROI with reduced requirement of manpower.

Maintenance free/reduced maintenance requirements

One of the main requirements that are typically considered in commercial laundry operations are the need for machines that do not require heavy maintenance. The logic is pretty simple. Such operations are virtually non-stop with operations in shifts, and maintenance downtime will take away the operating margins. This is one of the reasons why commercial operations depend on machines that are robust and heavy duty. With the right service provider it is also possible to opt for purchase and maintenance contracts that will ensure that the dealer offers comprehensive maintenance o high priority.

Looking at requirements of space for machines

Prior to installation of commercial clothes dryer, it is important to carry out a comprehensive site survey and understand the requirements of space. Not only should the space be adequate enough to position the machines, the space reserved for the machine offer easy access to all parts of the machine for maintenance and replacement of parts. Additionally, commercial laundry operations will require loading and unloading of clothes at high speed. This makes it necessary for the provision of open spaces with adequate area for the removal and loading of clothes. Before opting for a particular model it would help to get the technicians from the dealer visit the site and suggest changes or models that will be appropriate for smooth operations.

Superior engineering for greater durability

With commercial operations, the need is for getting profits through business. This makes it necessary for the operations to be cost effective, in addition to ensuring that capital expenditure is not high. This means that the investments on machines should not be cyclic in nature. A machine needs to run smoothly for a particular period of time without having to be replaced for the machines to offer greater ROI and improved profits. It is therefore necessary to procure machines from dealers with the widest range of machines from the most reputed brands. This will help to single out the best machine to meet requirements.

High quality materials

There is a need for high quality materials to be used in components, to prevent the clothes from getting wrinkled. The combination of heavy 14 gauge stainless steel baskets, and blowers combine to offer superior output in high speed operations for extended stretches of time. Blowers are vital components in dryers, and will be virtually working non-stop, blowing out high heat, without which high speed drying will not be possible. The use of high quality materials will protect the clothes that go into the dryer, by ensuring that heat is uniform and does not spike uncontrollably to damage the clothes that move through washing and drying cycle.