I asked my 10years old daughter, "why you are more friend with Noor than Celine"
she simply told me, "Because Celine never gossips about anyone..."

It is true! Same I have seen applied in corporate environment. Those gossipers always get the attention of management and slowly rise in rank. They are called "eyes and ears of management".  

Although against all corporate written rules but the defacto many organizations decision makers rely on these individuals who quickly get the attention of senior management and they are bestowed a prestigious undeclared status in the eyes of senior management.

Yes man is a social animal a storyteller one. The tragedy is that they become so powerful to shadow the real thinkers who stop contributing and fade away into the labyrinth of political corridors , power struggles of corporates. I have witnessed this over the years and still I am seeing this.

Well, going back to Sara my daughter ..."maybe Celine chooses not to gossip .." Simply because she cares about how other friends feeling and doesn't like to hurt them ..." I told her.  Sara smiled away and told me ..in an innocent but very determined way..."..dad what do you know ..."..yes indeed what do I know about human nature ...what do anyone's know ...
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